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4 Gaming Trends that will Set the World of Multimedia on Fire

Video games have firmly etched their place into the pantheon of entertainment the world over. A massive industry that is only continuing to grow, we can expect the video game industry to scale even greater heights this year. This piece from VentureBeat, citing the latest results from research into gaming trends, reveals that the global gaming industry will hit a massive valuation of $99.6 billion by the end of 2016, marking an 8.4% increase over 2015’s market value.

The study also says that for the first time ever, mobile gaming will also overtake the PC and console market, with a $36.9 billion market share, a growth of 21.3% over last year. Clearly, game development is getting bigger and bigger with every passing year!

Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism brings to you the greatest transformational gaming trends that will help continue this growth in the future as well.

Four gaming trends that will elevate gaming to greater heights


One of the most talked about technological advancements in gaming is right on the brink of exploding onto the mainstream. VR will redefine the way games are developed and played, providing a more immersive experience than ever before, and with the growing popularity and success of Oculus Rift, and a variety of big firms also developing VR headsets, this particular industry is expected to go through the roof.

A particular trend in VR gaming will be the ‘social’ component, with socially-collaborative games marshalling VR tech so that groups of friends can go on virtual reality adventures together.

Image Source: c1.staticflickr.com

                   Image Source: c1.staticflickr.com


The incredible success of Pokémon GO is proof enough that if executed cleverly, AR can be harnessed to create amazing, addictive and engaging games. Pokémon GO’s success will also naturally spawn a bevy of games inspired by its story. So expect innovative augmented reality based games to start hitting smartphones, tablets and handheld gaming devices in the near future.

Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org

             Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org


A common phrase you hear these days is that people can’t seem to put their phones down for one second. Exaggerated though it may be, there is a kernel of truth resting within this statement, and game developers are looking to take advantage of it. This means games that you can pause on the PC or console and continue on the smartphone, games that employ handhelds like PS Vita and the Wii U GamePad and even apps like Microsoft’s Smart Glass which will use your mobile devices as an auxiliary medium through which gamers can interact with their games.

Image Source: i.ytimg.com

                        Image Source: i.ytimg.com


eSports are already a pretty big deal, with young gamers turning into millionaires overnight, and massive tournaments streamed live the world over. However, up until now, the game manufacturers haven’t really built games for their potential as great eSports, and that will the new trend in the coming years. Because of the popularity of eSports, game makers will try and develop and market games specifically for this purpose so that they can cater to this particular aspect of the gaming industry and rake in the resulting profits.

Image Source: c2.staticflickr.com

                 Image Source: c2.staticflickr.com

Whether you are an aspiring game developer, associated with the industry in any other form, or just an enthusiast, these are exciting times for the gaming industry. So keep your eyes peeled because there are new and interesting innovations hitting the market soon, ones that will change the way we game forever, and bring fresh ideas and creative technological advancements to the fore.

With an array of gaming workshops, game development seminars and game engineering courses available for game addicts and tech-savvy youngsters, Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism’s Department of Game is playing its part in fuelling this rapid growth and exploiting new trends to train individuals to make it big in the world of gaming.

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