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21st Century Film Making: How We Embraced Digital Technology

film making

Filmmaking technology and technique has been evolving rapidly ever since the first motion picture. Silent films evolved into the talkies which were soon in Technicolor and, more recently, much to the chagrin of traditionalists; 35mm film is fast being replaced by digital film technology. What was once a series of…

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How Film Critics Manage to Keep the ‘Behavioural Bias’ Aside

Acclaimed National Award winning critic Ashok Rane recently conducted a film criticism workshop at Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, and one of the topics that came up during the session was ‘behavioural bias and how mainstream film criticism in India is not always capable of rising above it when delivering their…

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Pre-production Demystified – An Interactive Session with Satram Ramani

‘It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos…’ – Mel Odom Ask the film makers and they will admit that this quote couldn’t be truer! Making a film isn’t merely shooting the scenes according to the script along with actors and crew members. In fact, the film is…

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11 Pro Tips & Tricks to Click Brilliant Pictures with Your Phone

The smartphone has become like the Swiss army knife of technology. Various useful bits all folded into one clever piece of equipment. The phone, computer, music player, sound recorder, GPS map and so much more can be accomplished through this device that is, on an average, 5-odd inches long. One…

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7 Clichés About Film Careers You Shouldn’t Believe

Film Making Career Facts

Move over Hollywood – Indian cinema is here! Yes, you heard that right. As of 2014, Indian cinema is a bigger enterprise than Hollywood. India is the biggest producer of films with a total of 1,969 movies produced. In 2015, India had a total box office collection of US$1.6 billion….

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