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Game & Animation

How Gaming Teaches You Invaluable Life Skills

The usual picture that comes to mind when a ‘gamer’ is mentioned is that of the stereotypical unkempt, unshaven nerd sipping on a soda, surrounded by empty packets of junk food, furiously pushing buttons on a controller while simultaneously bleating out expletives into a headset. That’s some serious multi-tasking right…

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Introducing an All-New Blend of Game Design & Mobile App Development

pokemon go

A geeky whiz-kid or a creative artist? A student really shouldn’t have to pick one role. And this is exactly why Seamedu believes in nurturing both the right and the left brain, giving students a great environment to formulate fresh ideas and help them develop the expertise to execute those…

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VFX Session: Understanding Rotoscopy & Motion Graphics with the Industry Pros

The BFA Visual Effects & Animation for Film & TV batch got a heavy dosage of insights into the world of VFX and Animation, thanks to Mr. Abhijeet Kolvankar and Mr. Vipin Das, who shed some light on Rotoscopy and Motion Graphics, their respective areas of expertise.  What are Motion…

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4 Gaming Trends that will Set the World of Multimedia on Fire

Video games have firmly etched their place into the pantheon of entertainment the world over. A massive industry that is only continuing to grow, we can expect the video game industry to scale even greater heights this year. This piece from VentureBeat, citing the latest results from research into gaming…

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Careers in Game Development: No Child’s Play

Think back to a time when we didn’t have ‘smart’ phones in our pockets; when all you could play on your Nokia 3310 was Snake II and Space Impact, when ‘MMORPG’ was just a random string of letters to most people, when the beautiful world of Skyrim was only playable…

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Evolve with the Trend: Build a Career in Visual Effects & Animation

Career in Visual Effects & Animation

This may not be common knowledge, but the future of visual effects and animation is bright in India. In a country dominated by Bollywood and not a traditional hot spot for animation and VFX, the big studios of Hollywood were actually the first ones to recognize India’s potential in this…

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Gamers’ paradise: A Career in Game Design & Development

Game Design & Development

Saying that India’s has embraced gaming wholeheartedly would be an understatement. From Angry Birds to World of Warcraft and smartphones to consoles and everything in between, gaming is a massive source of entertainment for India’s tech-savvy denizens. A growing industry The numbers back that up too. The Indian Gamer’s Review…

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