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Marketing Communications Management

MCM vs. BBA/BBM: An Honest Comparative Analysis

It cannot be understated how important it is to make the right choice in terms of your bachelor’s degree. Your future, livelihood, and everything else that follows will be strongly influenced by the decision you choose to make at this juncture. 

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The Evolution of Marketing Communications Management

Maketing Communication

 “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin In these modern times, marketing communications has become a vital cog in the corporate machinery. It is essentially an asset with the help of which we can disseminate ideas and information about…

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Marcom Management – A Guide for the Managers of Tomorrow

Marcom Management

Marketing Communications Management – heard that term somewhere? With the passing of time, certain roles in the corporate world are forced to change and evolve. Technology and its widespread adoption in the public domain results in a rethink of core principles and a need to alter the approach businesses take…

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Why Study a Graduate Course in Mass Communication

When the concept of education in mass communication came up, it was an instant hit.  The career prospects that it opened up was so wide that it was simply irresistible. It wasn’t just the number of options but also the kind of options too. All of a sudden, there existed…

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What Can You Do With a Degree in Mass Communication?

The question everyone asks you and even you ask yourself before making a career choice is what can you do with it after? Everybody dreams of having that cool job that you love doing and everyone else envies you for! Let’s face it, we have all have this recurring dream,…

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Mass Communication: A Brief History and Current Trends

  Man is a social animal and his need to communicate with everything that surrounds him is as basic as his need for food or hunger. Even in the prehistoric age when communication was as basic signing to one another, man found a way to sign and connect. The need…

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