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May 2, 2014 – Seamedu

The ‘Game a Week’ Project: Week 5

This Week’s Game: Prototype Jump

After a short break Seamedu’s students are back n the game a week project. They’ve returned with a Game Maker Studio game prototype called Prototype jump. The main reference used was a html-5 game hosted on lessmilk.com ‘Princess Quest’ and Doodle Jump. The game requires you to jump up on platforms to proceed further in the game. Platforms are randomly placed. Now there were two ways to create a level which had random platform generation, one was to either create a long fixed space and let the character actually climb up the level and randomly generating platforms while the player plays and the second option was to generate random platforms at the beginning before the player actually starts playing and let the background scroll down with the platformed already placed in their positions. The game here uses the first method, they are also trying to do the same using the second way.The game is available for download here please play and rate.

Download Prototype Jump
This is how the game looks:


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