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VFX Breakdown : GoT & Mad Max

VFX is a term that gets thrown around a lot.. What actually happens in VFX? The following are two videos that breakdown the effect that VFX can actually have on a particular scene and how you can generate fantasy elements based on real life locations. The first link shows the…

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Individual Project Series – Game 1 : B.R.E.A.C.H.

The Game Development batch has been working on larger scale projects for past few months. They’ve come quite far and now they have decent prototypes that can be showcased. Now this series of blogs covers their experience through these individual projects. The following video is about the first student’s game,…

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Controllers in Real Life: The Big Transformation

Video game controllers just like video games themselves are usually considered as playthings by the general public, just a toy to control another toy, that’s what is the general reputation of game controllers is. But those who actually play games and are involved with the industry know that these controllers…

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