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A Guide to Careers in Journalism & Mass Communication

Mass communication & journalism

Journalism and mass communication courses draw their fair share of aspirants every year. India has a huge, thriving journalism industry – one that does not look like slowing down anytime soon. The Indian media, on the brink of growth It seems that the man formerly entrusted with the charge of…

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Why Study a Graduate Course in Mass Communication

When the concept of education in mass communication came up, it was an instant hit.  The career prospects that it opened up was so wide that it was simply irresistible. It wasn’t just the number of options but also the kind of options too. All of a sudden, there existed…

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Mass Communication: A Brief History and Current Trends

  Man is a social animal and his need to communicate with everything that surrounds him is as basic as his need for food or hunger. Even in the prehistoric age when communication was as basic signing to one another, man found a way to sign and connect. The need…

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