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7 Clichés About Film Careers You Shouldn’t Believe

Film Making Career Facts

Move over Hollywood – Indian cinema is here! Yes, you heard that right. As of 2014, Indian cinema is a bigger enterprise than Hollywood. India is the biggest producer of films with a total of 1,969 movies produced. In 2015, India had a total box office collection of US$1.6 billion….

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Media Studies – A Great Career Option for the Creative Souls

Career in media studies

The word ‘media’ are derived from the plural of the Latin word ‘medium’ and is used collectively for different mass mediums like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, films, and the internet. The word media has a wide implication, and it primarily aims to educate, inform and entertain people. It’s no surprise…

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A Comprehensive Guide to Diverse Rewarding Careers in Filmmaking

mass media courses

The Indian film industry is usually synonymous with Bollywood, but this is not truly the case. While Bollywood does have a huge presence and fan following both in India and abroad, it is not the be-all and end-all of Indian cinema. There is a whole other tier to it –…

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