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Sound Effects from 7 Hollywood Films with High Recall Value

Film is an audio-visual medium. What you hear is just as important as what you see. Adding a sonic soundscape (mainly the ambience), dialogue, background score or music and special sound effects that all play a cohesive part in enhancing the movie-viewing experience. Sometimes, music acts as a filler or…

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7 Things Employers Wish New Hires Knew About Sound Engineering

Have you ever attended a live musical performance that has left you overwhelmed? Have you ever seen a movie where you couldn’t stop raving about the powerful background score? Have you ever watched theatrical production or a game where the sound effects gave you goosebumps? Sound is an important part…

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A ‘Sound’ Masterclass with Academy Award Winner Resul Pookutty


The Bengaluru International Film Festival, or BIFFES, is part of India’s film festival tapestry. This annual festival has been going strong for eight years now with the 2016 edition. BIFFES 2016 was probably the biggest one yet, with industry stalwarts such as peerless actor Jaya Bachchan, and Indian film making…

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Audio Recording Software: Then and Now

Audio Recording Software

Professional audio recording software, better known as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) has now become the norm in sound studios the world over. Whether used in sound recording, music or post-production, this software is all the rage. It isn’t just a tool used by slick, professional studios either, because everywhere,…

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