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Certificate Program in Digital Marketing

The Course


Digital Marketing:

The web has become an important part of our life but for a business it has become a hugely important medium of business growth, communicating with customers, advertising products, generating eyeballs, customer acquisition, increasing Geographical reach , analytics and thousand other things that can be done for their companies.

This is where the web & the website has changed from just a place where one chats with you or visits your site to comparing products , learning, exchanging information, receiving feedback to the finally taking decisions, buying products.

It’s no longer about marketing, it’s about digital marketing, it’s no longer about costly print/TV ads, it about cheap PPC adds, it’s no longer about monthly business analysis; it’s about daily Google analytics.

Who can do this Course

Traditional Marketing professionals, Marketing professional interested in upgrading their skills, Sales people interested in making a career change to marketing, & those who think that they have the ability to become Digital marketing Professionals.
On successful completion of the course, you’ll receive

  • Certificate of Digital Marketing

A quick look at what would you complete during the course

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Career Options

  • Digital Media Strategist
  • SEM Executive
  • SEO Executive
  • Content developer
  • Content Marketing executive
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Social Media Manager

Course Content | Duration: 2 Months, 3/days a week

The digital marketing course covers SEO, SEM, Social media Marketing, Content Marketing

  • Why SEO
  • How a website works
  • How Search Engine Works
  • For High Volume Growth
  • For High Volume Growth
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Introduction to HTML5 & CSS, Google Analytics, Adserve
  • Custom Budgets, low costs
  • PPC, Ads, banners
  • Extreme targeting by Geo Location
  • Goole Analytics, tools of the trade
  • Extreme targeting by Geo Location
  • Quick data result analysis
  • Visibility & Branding
  • Marketing to Mobile/Smart phones
  • List building, collecting emails
  • Understanding the needs of your Audience
  • Generating leads
  • Building the right content
  • Closing Sales
  • Establishing Authority & Building trust
  • Blogging, Creating Info graphics, Videos, Whitepapers
  • Using content to market product or services
  • Tracking and analysing reach of content
  • Socialising Content ( Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Emails etc)
  • Finding the right audience
  • Building the right content
  • Connecting & building a community
  • Customer development & sales
  • Promoting with content
  • Viral marketing by sharing
  • Tracking and analysing
  • Using social media ( Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Twitter, Quora etc.) for marketing

A Portfolio of your most critical work will be built to showcase your skills.

Each student will be taken thru an internal interview process & coached to face real life interviews. The placement team will take over after this & guide students to the available job opportunities positions with web development companies based on your skillsets.

Our Student’s Work

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