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Seamedu – School of Pro-Expressionism

Love what you do and do what you love!

Settling is not an option for the creative mind. The time when people took up work just for the security is now past. Today’s times are about how you can take your passion and make a career out of it. The artist in you has been touch with the innate ability of expressionism always. Now it is time to take that ability, arm it with the skill, douse it with the expertise only training can bring and turn it into a profession. That is exactly what we train you to do at the Seamedu – School of Pro-Expressionism. You may know a little about how to write a code for a game or sketch or make music or even shoot a film, but if want a career in it knowing a little will not do. To make a career, you need an understanding of the varied techniques that each field employees and some experience at executing them along with an understanding of the different aspects that need to be managed to deliver results. Either you can learn it the hard way or you can study with us! The industry that we train students to be a part of are nascent and ever evolving. Technology grows and with it brings in newer aspects and elements. Sticking to a textbook or a set of topics will only leave you handicapped. We make an effort to stay in touch with the current trends and that is why every faculty member, in-house and visiting, come straight from the industry. Our entire team of faculty put together has over a hundred years of industry experience and they work tirelessly towards delivering current and industry specific training that is bound to make a professional out of our students.

Making the right decision today is the first step towards a bright future.



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