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Degree in Marketing Communications Management

Course Description

In these modern times, competition is tough and customer outreach is of paramount importance. Marketing is one important factor that has the potential to decide whether or not a product or service will elevate the manufacturer to heady heights of success or drop down into a spire of despair. Therefore, it would not be remiss to say that marketing is a critical factor for business enterprises and their search for success and monetary gains. Seamedu’s course in marketing communications management, unlike run-of-the-mill corporate communication courses, is a unique blend of corporate communication training, advertising and marketing communications, and more.

In keeping with modern times, the course, offered at the Pune campus, is structured with a special focus on Digital Marketing. The course is divided into three stages – basic, advanced and specialization. It provides in-depth theoretical knowledge, practical orientation and exposure to the industry in Advertising, Corporate communication, Digital Marketing, Branding, and Media Management.

Prerequisite / Eligibility

12th / High School / Equivalent

Awards (On Completion)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass communication (Marketing Communications Management) degree from recognized University  located in Pune.

Quick Look (Topics Covered)

  • Fundamentals of Marketing, Market Strategy & Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Corporate Communications & Strategy
  • Media Planning and Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Communications
  • Sales Promotion
  • Brand Building and Corporate Branding
  • Market Research
  • Celebrity and Event Management
  • Interpersonal Relationship and Managerial Skills
  • Crisis Communications and Management
  • Ethical aspects of Marketing

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Career Options

  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketing and Advertising specialist
  • Marketing Communication
  • Business Development
  • Advertising Agency
  • Media Planning
  • Corporate in-house and Communication Department
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Content Writing
  • Media Research

Course Content | Duration: 3 Years

Introduction to journalism and mass communication

Computer technology


Communications skills

Elective: Marketing Communications Management

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Structure of Marketing
  • Understanding Indian Market
  • Effective Communication in Marketing
  • Organizational Communication
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Market strategy
  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Conventional Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Direct Marketing

Reporting and writing for Media & Investigative reporting

Media Equipments

Visual Communication

Elective: Marketing Communications Management

  • Understanding Advertising and Public Relations
  • Tools for Advertising and Public Relation
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Types of Campaign
  • Digital Campaign
  • Media Planning and Media Marketing
  • Digital Media Planning
  • Media Planning Software
  • 4Ps of Marketing
  • Selection of a distribution channel
  • Product Life Cycle
  • New Media
  • Modern Media Management and Event Management
  • Photo Journalism

Elective: Marketing Communications Management

  • Sales Promotion
  • Strategies of sales Promotion
  • Tools of Sales promotion
  • Trends in Digital Marketing Communication
  • Powerful digital platforms
  • Public Relations and Client Relation
  • Client Agency Relation
  • Content Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Challenges and opportunities in Marketing
  • New Marketing Trends

– Journalism and Cyber Laws and ethics

– Editing for Media

– Media and Society

– Business of Media

Elective: Marketing Communications Management

  • Marketing Strategy
  • B2B and B2C Market Strategy
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Scheduling strategy and tactics
  • Budget and implementation
  • PR Strategy
  • PR campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Brand Product and Corporate Branding
  • Brand identity
  • Brand equity
  • Case Study of a Leading Brand
  • Corporate Branding process

– Anchoring and Interview technique

– Research Techniques

– Advertising

Elective: Marketing Communications Management

  • Event Management for Branding
  • Event sponsorship
  • Celebrity Management
  • Managing negative publicity
  • Interpersonal Relationship and managerial skills
  • Handling crisis situations
  • Managing a Crisis
  • Ethical aspects of Marketing
  • Intellectual property right
  • Indian Laws in Marketing

– Environment

– Group Discussion Production Reality Show

– Internship

– Event Production Dissertation

– Practical

  • Website designing & Digital Marketing
  • Making advertisement for Print and Audio Visual Media
  • Making PSA
  • Case Study of Market Strategy of some leading brands in the market

Our Student’s Work

Seamedu News Bulletin

Right to Vote

Travelogue by Apeksha Kshirsagar

Program Leads

Anand Aashay

He has got 30 Years of industrial experience in Print, Advertising & PR and Marketing. He has created many advertisements and marketing films; he was also involved in website management, production of marketing literature and in-house magazines, driving Corporate social responsibility.

Sonali Brahma

Sonali Brahma is an accomplished Brand Strategist, an independent Creative Consultant and a Writer. She has two decades of experience in marketing, advertising and brand building and has worked in mainstream advertising for major MNC and Indian brands.

Ankita Kumari

She has done her Graduation and Post Graduation in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has got an expertise in Mass Communication, Desk Top Publishing, Advertising and Public Relations. She has served this domain for 3 years in academics.

Industry/Partners @ Seamedu

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