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Photography Workshop - Understanding Studio Light

November 15, 2016

Photography Workshop – Understanding Studio Light

Photography isn’t complete without studio equipment and it has always fascinated indoor photographers and studio photographers and this is all the more true when students get to see other photographers working on massive and spectacular canvases.

The “Understanding Studio Light” workshop was conducted by the Department of Photography at Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism in Pune. With Manish Sehrawat from the department at its helm, the workshop covered equipment like the Big Boom stand, FXR 400 Elinchrom and StudioLight Trigger.

During the session, the students did practical set ups and went on to comprehend the usage of studio light and equipment better. Students got the chance to understand the basic accessories of studio light. They also learnt how to use lighting diffusers and reflectors, different lighting diffusers in various situations, and how to assemble studio light and a light modifier.

Event: “Understanding Studio Light” Workshop

Date: 15th November, 2016

Venue: Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism, Pune

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