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Certificate program in Final Cut Pro X - Professional Post-Production

The Course

Certificate program in Final Cut Pro X – Professional Post-Production

Pre Requisite/Eligibility
Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation

Basic knowledge of video editing terminology is highly recommended
Awards ( On Completion)

  • Certification in FCP – Professional Post-Production

Career Options

  • Assistant Director
  • Editor
  • Technical Co-coordinator

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Course Content | Duration:

  • Upgrade earlier versions of events and projects
  • Download and prepare lesson media files
  • Understand basic Final Cut Pro workflow
  • Define the clip, event, and library containers
  • Understand the differences between managed and external media files
  • Create a camera archive
  • Import files using Media Import and the Finder
  • Understand and assign roles
  • Search and filter clips by keywords
  • Batch rename clips
  • Create Smart Collections
  • Add notes and ratings to a clip
  • Apply keywords to clip and clip ranges
  • Detect people and composition within clips
  • Blade, replaces with gap, ripple delete, and join through edit
  • Add and rearrange clips within a primary storyline
  • Ripple, Roll, and Slip trim clips
  • Create a project
  • Perform connect edits
  • Create and edit in connected storyline
  • Adjust audio levels
  • Share the project to a media file
  • Import as managed and external media
  • Move and copy clips within and between libraries
  • Define and distinguish the two types of project duplication
  • Refine project using trim to playhead and trim to selection
  • Use markers for clip synchronization and task notes
  • Create and edit with an audition clip
  • Use the Dashboard for playhead positioning
  • Understand the replace edit options
  • Detect people and composition within clips
  • Vary the playback speed of clips
  • Create compound clips
  • Modify the look of clips with effects
  • Utilize transitions
  • Adjust transform and compositing controls
  • Add and modify a lower third
  • Split edit audio and video
  • Keyframe audio
  • Color correct a clip
  • Export to a media file
  • Post media to an online host
  • Create a bundle for multiple platforms
  • Understand the XML workflow
  • Identify and distinguish the two Compressor export options
  • Differentiate external and managed media
  • Create a chroma key
  • Identify manual options for new projects
  • Comparing alternate shots from a collection of clips
  • Synchronize dual system recordings
  • Applying effects, transitions, and retiming clips.Finishing and final project

Our Student’s Work


The Beatles Connection

Save Water

Program Leads

Dharmendra, pursuing Phd., has a Masters Degree in Mass Communication, a Diploma in Animation and Special Effects .

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