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Degree in Game Design (Pune)

Course Description

The gaming industry is on a rapid rise across the country and there are many game design courses in India to cater to this growth. However, a lot of those game designing courses leave something to be desired. At Seamedu, we wanted to make sure our courses wasn’t one of them.

Our degree in game design is crafted to give every game enthusiast the knowledge to make games, design concepts, develop 2D and 3D art, and work with game engines confidently. This course will help students understand the difference between game art, game programming, and game design. The emphasis on scripting has also increased, and this will help students develop better all-round skills. We have also introduced sound and music design for the first time in this program – the only gaming design course in India to actually address this subject in the specialized space of video games.

Based in Pune, Seamedu’s all-encompassing degree offering is all you need to step up your game in game design!

Prerequisites / Eligibility

  • 12th / High School / Equivalent

Awards (On Completion)

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (Game Design) degree from a UGC recognized University located in Pune

Quick Look (Topics Covered)

  • Designing Game Script & Storyline
  • Storyboarding for games
  • Game Design (Paper prototypes, Board Game)
  • UI Design for Games
  • 2D Assets (background & character design, props) (using Photoshop , Flash & Inkscape)
  • 3D Modeling for Game (Environment & Character Design, props ,using Maya)
  • 3D set design for Game (using Maya)
  • Sound & Music for Games
  • 3D set design for Game (using Maya)
  • Working on Game Engines-Level Design ( Unity3D)
  • Interrogating with 2D & 3D game engine ( Unity3d)

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Career Options

  • Game/Board Game/level Designer
  • Interactive / UI / Interface Designer
  • Modelling & Texturing Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • Digital Game Artist
  • 2D/3D Game Developer

Course Content | Duration:4 Years

  • Fundamental of sketching
  • Graphics-1
  • Colour
  • History of Arts
  • Introduction to Digital Arts
  • English
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • 2D Digital Graphics for Computer Games -I
  • 3D Digital Graphics for Computer Games -I
  • Research Techniques for Game Production
  • Computer Game Design
  • Computer Game Engines (Intro to Unity3D)
  • 2D & 3D Digital Graphics for Computer Games -II
  • Environment Design for Computer Games
  • Scripting for Computer Games Design
  • Computer Game Design for Mobile Platforms – I
  • Computer Game Engines (Level Design)
  • Pre-production Techniques for Game Development
  • Computer Game Design for Mobile Platforms – II
  • Music and Sound for Computer Games – I
  • 2D & 3D Digital Graphics for Computer Games -III
  • Game Development -I
  • Game Distribution & Marketing
  • Music and Sound for Computer Games – II
  • Idea Generation for Games
  • Game Development – II
  • Project work (Demo Reel) and Viva
  • Internship and Viva


Student Testimonial

Our Student’s Work

Program Leads

 Abid Shaikh

He is into Animation for 12 Years working & worked on multiple profiles as an animation Artist, Rigging artist, Educating Production Staff & Technical Support in the field of Maya, Motion Builder, Vicon, Production Manager.

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Kunal Lanjekar

A GD art & Post-Graduation from CDAC (Pune University) he is professionally into 3D since 2005 and starting as a graphic designer. He worked in multiple capacities in the advertising field for companies like Orchid Advertising Agency. In Designtech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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