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Department of Game and Mobile Software Development

Are you in love with games and gaming? It is a great deal of fun isn’t it. But making games is a serious business.

You have years of experience playing games and you may think that you know enough. You may even have spent some time learning and training on the different tools to create game art. Or maybe you are into coding. But that alone is simply just isn’t enough to design a game. It a science on its own and there are many aspects that go into game making. It starts at the very idea and ends only when the final interface is in play. Game making is a cycle that involves the science of understanding how to create a game that your target audience will form a connection with and ends only when the a playable product is ready. Theory alone, for designing, programming, or art, will get you nowhere. Which why at Seamedu, we teach you the theory through practical application. Here at the Seamedu – School of Pro-Expressionism, we tailor our game designing course in Pune, India in such a manner that the learning happens in the current trends and applications that allow you to any medium you wish. Whether you want to learn the entire game designing cycle and manage teams involved in the development cycle or a specialized segment of game development like game art designing, game programming or anything, we have the capability to train you in it.

Anything you want to learn, whether it is to learn to build entertaining and engaging games for online, PC or mobile platform, Seamedu – School of Pro-espressionism has one of the best game designing courses in Pune, India. What are you waiting for? Inquire now!

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Our Industry Patner’s

Edexcel (Pearson) is the UK’s largest awarding organisation, offering academic and vocational qualifications and training to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and internationally.
Toolbox Studio a creative hub for Visual Effects & Animation, TV Commercials, Motion Graphics and Corporate Video Production are Industry Partners to Seamedu – School of Game & Animation and help students garner the much required industry experience while still learning.
Founded in 2010, Rolocule Games is an independent game development studio located in Pune, India. Rolocule Games is dedicated to creating exceptionally high quality console-like interactive entertainment softwares for next generation platforms like tablets, smartphones etc. through continuous and consistent innovation. Its mission is to entertain universally, by blending technology with art and creating most enjoyable experience for everyone. Rolocule strongly believes that art and technology often creates magic.
Tech wizards, imaginative strategists, internet gurus, sharp data analysts, eccentric artists, geeky researchers, crazy copywriters, quirky designers, savvy social media specialists – they are all there at RankUno. As one of the earliest social & digital startups established initially in India, it has evolved along with the digital revolution itself and adapted into a multifaceted company with deep domain knowledge.

Our student’s work

3D Game Trailer

Video – 3D Animation

Character Animation

Industry/Partners @ Seamedu

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