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nuage recording studio

What Goes into Making a Recording Studio Great?

May 10, 2017

Recording music albums or background scores for movies and games can take weeks or months with a wide host of people. Composers, sound engineers, musicians, technicians, producers, mixers may all use a studio’s space for the duration of a project. It is essential that a good studio accommodates all the…

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How Gaming Teaches You Invaluable Life Skills

May 2, 2017

The usual picture that comes to mind when a ‘gamer’ is mentioned is that of the stereotypical unkempt, unshaven nerd sipping on a soda, surrounded by empty packets of junk food, furiously pushing buttons on a controller while simultaneously bleating out expletives into a headset. That’s some serious multi-tasking right…

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vfx artist

Expert Advice: How to Become a Successful Visual Effects Artist

April 24, 2017

Visual Effects or VFX are pretty much the mainstay of the film making industry today. Visual Effects are used to create magical universes, conjure up fantastical creatures, make stationary objects fly, animals talk and even bring people to life on the big screen! VFX is also being used to create…

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Bangalore – An Education Hub and a Haven for Students

April 10, 2017

Statistics show that students from all over India (and abroad) make a beeline for Bangalore to pursue their higher education after school. The most popular city for students besides Pune, Delhi and Mumbai is Bangalore. Bangalore or ‘Bengaluru’ has become synonymous with youthfulness based on the increased number of young…

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TEDx Pune

Seamedu at TEDx – Taking Practical Experiences to Great Heights

April 4, 2017

At Seamedu, we aspire to give our students hands-on experiences along with learned knowledge. We appreciate and acknowledge the brilliance that our students bring to the forum, alongside any practical know-how we can impart to them. In a quest to build brighter opportunities for our students, we try and expose…

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