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chaos reborn character UI

Game On: The Rise of the Gaming Industry & Careers in India

September 26, 2017

The mobile application industry is booming in India and with it, so is gaming. It is logical that the two go hand in hand. Any new smartphone user tentatively tries messaging apps like WhatsApp or a news app of their choice. They slowly get bolder and start experimenting with other…

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equipment required for photography

Photography as a Career: Bringing Stories to Life

September 13, 2017

Photography is so much more than just a career. It is art. And just like any form of art, in order to succeed, it requires oodles of commitment, knowledge, passion, drive and an elderly aunt to say, “You’ll never make any money in your life, beta”. Here’s looking at photography…

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mike used for singing at live events

Exploring Careers in Music Production: The Bigger Picture

September 8, 2017

The music industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. From films to advertisements, from records to the radio and from video games to mobile applications (and live events that need audio effects and music) – music producers have specific roles to play in all these scenarios. A music…

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The Verdict: Game Design, Animation & VFX Careers in India

August 23, 2017

Remember what it was like growing up? Jaws agape at some spectacular video games, animated films and visual effects in Hollywood blockbusters, wondering how someone could create such spectacular visuals! The general consensus was that if something was spectacular it was made abroad. Fair assumption. But well, that’s no longer…

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