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Music Production

Music production goes beyond the ability to play an instrument. Playing an instrument is just one of the many forms of expressing your passion and creativity with music, and not the only way either. If you have the ear for music and a passion that pushes you to do nothing but make music for the rest of your life, then it is time to turn it into a career. There are so very many simple, easy, and free software and programs out there today, that are many who people indulge in making tiny or large pieces of music. What makes you any different from them? Being a professional is more than just knowing how to put together a few sounds that are pleasant to hear.

You need to know about your equipment, you need to know the more about the advance capabilities of the software you use, and you need to be able to combine this knowledge with your creativity. You have to be able to step out of the garage and hold your own in a studio full of professionals. That is what you will learn when you learn from us at the Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism. We leverage the years of industry experience that our faculty has along with our campus that is built to give you access to all the equipment you need to make music, to provide you with practical hands on training that goes beyond the classroom and a textbook. With us, learning is not about knowing the software, learning is about making something using what you know about the software. Our courses are put together in a manner where you spend more time in a recording studio than in a classroom. And by the time, you finish your course, the recording studio begins to feel like home!

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Edexcel (Pearson) is the UK’s largest awarding organisation, offering academic and vocational qualifications and training to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and internationally.

Toolbox Studio a creative hub for Visual Effects & Animation, TV Commercials, Motion Graphics and Corporate Video Production are Industry Partners to Seamedu – School of Game & Animation and help students garner the much required industry experience while still learning.

Logic Pro that is made by Apple is a very powerful music production software. It is used by industry professionals. The curriculum is design by logic pro experts. Students interested in music production stand to benefit the most by this certification. Like AVID this certification is also recognized all across the world hence students certified by Apple can get jobs without any problem.

Pro Tools (Developed by AVID) is an industry standard for the sound recording, sound designing and mixing software all across the world. Students who get certified by avid stand a much better chance of getting placed with top companies and studio’s as this certification is recognized all across the world. Pro Tools certification also helps students to learn everything according to the curriculum designed by experts.

Phases by Ewodki

Neendon Me (Original By Tarun – Munavar)

Aankhon Ke Saagar[Cover]

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