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 Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication Design)

The advent of the digital era & the growth of the mobile platforms have changed the way we communicate & live our lives. On You Tube we watch viral ads, films, home videos, songs & educational content. With apps like Hotstar we don’t need a big TV. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Hike, Flipkart, Zomato, Food Panda, Qickr etc and the web has become an integral part of our life because of our mobile phones. Media companies creating TV serials are now developing mobile serials to be streamed using the web. Everyone is using Google – Consumers, Advertisers, Educators, Marketer, Recruiters, Companies & our families living on different continents to communicate, with the world & each other over their mobile Phones.

Most of this content on the web is visual- in a very short time we have adopted the small screen of a mobile phone to entertain, inform, and educate us. We are now increasingly dependent on the internet on our mobiles phone for all our day to day decisions.

This digital economy has also created new types of jobs & millions of Vacancies- terms like Content Marketers, Digital Evangelist, Crowd-Funding, Online Classrooms, Online image managers, Viral effect are not just words but huge employment & business opportunities.

The challenge is how to design Visual Content for the web to be viewed on a small screen of a mobile platform. Newer Job opportunities are coming up trying to solve these challenges faced by content creators & consumers alike.

The Visual Communication Design Program- teaches how to approach the design of visual content, like the UI of an app, an ad for a product, the brand identity of a company , or a short film to be streamed with web technology to be viewed on any mobile platform
India navigated the era of Information technology now it has moved into the era of Design. This course aims to introduce you to this world of Design and provide you practical knowledge for a Design Career. The Visual Communication Design program educates and trains future designers for the varied & huge communication needs of industry, companies, organizations and society. Emphasis is placed on the conception, creation, planning and realization of visual solutions to complex problems in Digital & mobile focused world.

Awards ( On Completion)

  • Bachelors of Design (Visual Communication Design) degree from a UGC recognized University located in Pune.

Who Can do this Course

Pre-Requisite – 12th Pass from Any stream or equivalent

  • Want to make their carrier in fast growing Digital Economy
  • Be part of the Visual Design Industry
  • If you want to make a career in UX/UI, for App, Web & Software
  • Want to learn Visual Communication for Digital Marketing, Branding and Advertising.
  • Want to learn Film/Ad Design, Digital Content Development for Mobile Platform

Course Highlights

  • Unique & broad curriculum addressing 6 different high growth fields
  • Focused curriculum created with inputs from NID trained Industry experts, Online Advertising agencies, Digital marketing agencies & Branding Agencies
  • Govt. of India focus on ‘Digital India’ campaign to create huge opportunities & jobs
  • Lectures from Industry Professionals & NID trained faculty
  • Select semester projects in association with Industry interaction
  • 6 Job Oriented Specialization electives in -UX-UI // Graphic// Brand // Short Film // Ad Film // Motion Graphics – design
  • Final Project of 6 months duration in the last semester ,Portfolio Development & Internship


  • To apply design thinking process
  • To apply principles of design to solve visual communication problems for the web on mobile
  • To apply ‘User Centric Design’ for web & digital technologies used on mobile platforms
  • To equip student with Design & Technical skills needed for a digital future
  • To foster a creative & solution driven approach

Quick Look (Topics Covered)

Understand design process
  • Understand Creative Process
  • User Experience design
  • UI design for Apps & Websites
  • Transforming Data into graphics
  • Graphic design for digital technology
  • Design brand identity
  • Package design for brands
  • Pre-Production process
  • Concept design
  • Developing Ad films for Web
  • Creating animated ad films
  • Creating Motion Graphics films
  • Developing video content for mobile platforms
  • Post Production Process

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Career Options :

User Experience

  • UX Designer
  • Interaction designer

Web/App Design

    • UI Designer
    • App Designer
    • Web designer
    • Social Media Designer
    • New Media Artist


Visual Design

  • Type designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Layout Artist
  • Photo/Image Editor


Brand Design

  • Exhibition Designer
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Brand/Account Manager
  • Communication Manager

Advertising Design

  • Ad Designer
  • Art Director
  • Production Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Production Designer
  • Producer
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Supervisor

Film& Video Design

  • Animation Designer
  • Motion Graphics designer
  • Film Designer
  • 3d Artist
  • Pre-Production Artist

Course Content | Duration: 4 Years

  • Nature and object drawing
  • Fundamental of sketching
  • Introduction to Digital Arts
  • 2d Graphics
  • English
  • Colour
  • Introduction to Visual Communication
  • Design Thinking and Problem Solving Methods
  • Visual Communication Challenge: Information Graphic Design
  • Typography
  • Visual Analysis
  • Interaction Design : Digital & Live
  • Visual Communication Challenge : Web/App UI design
  • User-Centered Design
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Visual Communication Challenge : Packaging Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Print Production Technology
  • Brand Identity and Branding
  • Brand Communication Design
  • Digital Image Design &Editing
  • Digital Space Design
  • Advertising design : Digital
  • Promotional Design: Live
  • Visual Communication Challenge :Exhibition design
  • Pre-Visualization Strategies for Video Films on Mobile Platforms
  • Visual art in entertainment and media industries
  • Visual Communication Challenge : Ad/Brand Film
  • Narrative Elements, Visual Storytelling &Sound
  • Video Production Techniques
  • Visual Communication Challenge :Motion Graphics
  • Animation Design for Mobile Platforms
  • Digital Production Techniques
  • Visual Effects for film and Ads
  • Project Planning : Script To Film

Visual Communication Specialization

  • Digital Design (ChooseAny1)
    • – Elective I: UX-UI Design
    • – Elective II: Graphic Design
    • – Elective III: Brand Design


Visual Storytelling(ChooseAny1)

    • Visual Storytelling(ChooseAny1)
      • – Elective IV: Short Film Design
      • – Elective V: Ad / Brand Film Design
      • – Elective VI: Motion Graphics Design
  • Portfolio
  • Interview & Presentation Techniques
  • Internship

Our Student’s Work


The Beatles Connection

Save Water

Program Leads

Kunal Lanjekar

As he was interested in the art field from his childhood he started his career in GD art. After GD art he completed his post-graduation from CDAC (Pune University) where he was been introduce to 3D art.

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Mayur Kadu (NID Alumni)

Industry/Partners @ Seamedu

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