April 2024 Highlights: Industry Visits and Early Job Offers at Seamedu

Discover the highlights of April at our institution, featuring an exciting industry visit for BSc VFX & Animation students to Basilic Fly Animation firm, early job offers for MBA Media & Entertainment students, and our commitment to bridging education with industry for career success.

In an exciting development, placement team has successfully partnered with Basilic Fly Animation firm , a renowned animation firm of  Pune, to arrange an industry visit for our BSc VFX & Animation students. This collaboration is a significant milestone, providing our students with valuable insights into the real-world workings of a top-tier animation firm.

The visit took place at the beginning of April at 4th & 5th April , allowing us to split the attendees into manageable groups. On the first day, our 2nd-year students had the opportunity to visit Basilic Fly's Pune office, where they got an insider's view of the industry. They toured the facilities, interacted with professionals, and gained a deeper understanding of the animation production process. The next following day, it was the 1st-year students' turn to explore the studio. Like their senior counterparts, they were given a warm welcome by the Basilic Fly team and enjoyed a comprehensive tour of the office. The experience was invaluable, offering them a glimpse into their future career paths and the skills required to excel in the animation industry.

We look forward to fostering more collaborations like this in the future, continuing to bridge the gap between education and industry, and helping our students achieve their career aspirations.


April has also been an exciting month for our MBA Media & Entertainment students. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing excellent career opportunities. We've been working hard to secure early placements for our students. We are thrilled to announce that two of our students have already received job offers this month!

Even though these students haven't taken their final university exams yet, but they’ve already received job offers—an early success for them, thanks to our timely focus on early placements.

We're actively supporting the rest of the batch, ensuring they have opportunities to meet with prospective employers. April has been all about aligning interviews and coordinating face-to-face finalizing rounds with various companies in the media and entertainment sector.