13 of the Best Photography Blogs You’ll Get Hooked On To
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July 29, 2016
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13 of the Best Photography Blogs You’ll Get Hooked On To

Photography is an art-form that is as relevant today as it was over 50 years ago. The techniques and technology may have changed or evolved over the years, but the importance of photographers and their ability to evoke emotions is as poignant today as it has ever been. Finding beauty, expressing creativity and freezing one moment in time for eternity, photography is definitely an artistic indulgence, but it also requires a certain amount of technique. Understanding the camera, its functions, and the role of light, framing, and composition are many fundamentals that photographers need to understand. Then there is the auxiliary equipment – flashes, diffusers, light meters, reflectors and so on, a professional photographer never really stops learning.

Photography courses, like the ones offered at Seamedu, will definitely set you on the right path, and make you completely familiar and comfortable with both the artistic and technical sides to being a pro photographer. However, there are other avenues that will help you augment and refine this knowledge even further. In modern times, the internet is the biggest and most diverse source of information, knowledge, and inspiration, and a good photography blog will provide all of these to a budding shutterbug. Here are the 13 best photography blogs to follow to take your photography skills to the next level.

13 top photography blogs to sink your teeth into –

  1. FstoppersAmazing pictures, clever tips, and intriguing stories, this blog has it all. A must visit for every photography buff out there, this blog will definitely enhance your appetite for photography. 
  1. PhotofocusThis blog is veritable treasure-trove. It contains imagery, tutorials, news and more, and everything revolves around the camera. Photo Focus is a great resource. 
  1. LightStalkingThis blog is community-driven, with photographers of all shapes, sizes and skill levels, from the rank amateur to the seasoned professional all pool their thoughts, ideas, and tips together. 
  1. Joe McNally – A photographer of global renown and holding a veteran status, McNally’s blog is dream come true for the budding photographer. He goes into the minutiae of the photography topics he writes about, and provides in-depth insights into various subjects. 
  1. The StrobistRun by legendary photographer David Hobby, The Strobist may look like an amateur blog, however, it is anything but that. The information available is top-drawer and keeps you coming back for more. 
  1. Stuck In CustomsTrey Ratcliff, one of the biggest names in travel photography runs this website. It has some of the most breathtaking imagery you will ever see, and inspiration can be gleaned from every frame on show here. 
  1. Flak PhotoIf you want to see work of the hottest up and coming photo artists, and the latest in cutting edge techniques then this is the blog for you. Flak photo curates images from around the world, and is the freshest, most current blog out there. 
  1. AP Images SpotlightThe Associated Press is a worldwide organization well known for its journalistic proficiency and some of the most craft-filled, hard-hitting and pertinent pictures available. These are some of the AP’s best pictures for your viewing pleasure. 
  1. From Swerve to Shore – Aaron Joel Santos is a photographer par excellence. His CV includes powerhouses such as TIME magazine and the New York Times, and he clicks everything from fashion, to landscape and even weddings. 
  1. The Fujifilm blogRun by the famed photography equipment manufacturer, the Fujifilm blog will teach you everything from the basics to the most advanced photography techniques, and feature some of the best guest posts from leading lights of the industry. 
  1. Scott Kelby – Scott Kelby is one of the leading authorities on photography, his published work on the subject is enough proof of that. He is also the brain behind Photoshop World, and regularly posts about everything related to the photography scene. 
  1. 500px ISOWhether its informing you about the latest photo contest, giving you an insight into the lives of the people behind the camera, or providing you with tutorials regarding photo-capture techniques old and new, this blog has it all covered. 
  1. The Impossible CoolThe last entry is a little left-of-field, because The Impossible Cool features monochromatic pictures with a quote and the name of the famous person in it. It might not be very informative in the traditional sense, but you can learn so much just by looking at the pictures, which are definitely very cool. 



1. Fstoppers


Photography Blog_1

2. PhotoFocus


Photography Blog_2

3. Lightstalking


Photography Blog_3

4. Joe McNally


Photography Blog_4

5. Strobist


Photography Blog_5

6. Stuck In Customs


Photography Blog_6

7. FlakPhoto


Photography Blog_7

8. AP images Spotlight



9. From Swrve to Shore


Photography Blog_9

10. Fulifilm blog


Photography Blog_10

11. Scott Kelby


Photography Blog_11

12. 500 px ISO


Photography Blog_12

13. The Impossible cool


Photography Blog_13

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