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15 Things Every Photography Beginner Must Know

There is a first time for everything. There is a first time you hold the camera and take a picture too. If you fall in love with it, then you have a long way to go before you get out of the beginner phase. There are a few things we would like to share with you so you can jump a few bases along your journey of Pro-expressionism.

#1 It is ok to be new

No one is born amazing at taking pictures. Photography has a learning curve and everyone has make that journey to get better. The truth is that your first few pictures will not be all that great but that is okay. You are yet to find your groove and when you do, everything will fall into place.

#2 Turn off the auto mode

Learn to take pictures in the manual mode first. We won’t say that the options that come in the different modes are useless or that using them makes you any less of a photographer but there are certain perks to shooting in manual mode first. In this mode, you are forced to understand what is happening with your camera and the lighting the area that you are in. Shooting in manual mode will help you get better grip on your skill faster.

#3 Photography is not a job, it is a way of life

This is a not job where you can hide behind a computer screen. The picture shows exactly what is in your heart and if you don’t have the passion for it, then it is time to put the camera away.

#4 Find company that inspires you

The creative arts are a reflection of a person. A photograph is the reflection of the man behind the camera and honestly, you can use all the inspiration you get. Develop and keep company that inspires you to do more and better. The people around you should make you want to do more and not hold you back no matter how well their intentions are.

#5 Keep at it

It takes about 10,000 hours to master the craft. So keep at it, if you really want to make a mark and be treated as a professional.

#6 Don’t try and learn everything at once

Yes, you have to have many skills under your belt to be a good photographer but you cannot possible learn it all at once for anyone. If you put your head into shooting, post processing and printing at once, the result will only be a muddle that will earn you nothing.

#7 Express

A picture that doesn’t convey an emotion is worth nothing. You have clicked a good picture only if there is no need to explain the message that the picture conveys. Learn to channelize that emotion first.

#8 Be unique

Branding is important. And by branding, we don’t mean setting up a logo or a watermark. Your picture in itself must be your brand. Build a unique style for yourself, one that stands out in the crowd.

#9 Seek out constructive criticism

There is always scope to be better and the constructive criticism is the only way to keep that growth going. Talk to industry professionals and take in all the constructive criticism that comes your way. Praise and support give you the push to keep going but it is constructive criticism that keeps you going.

#10 Pick your photography course with care

If you are looking to get some education, then pick your photography course with care. A good photography course will take you through understanding your camera, the different techniques and give you a foundation towards building your style. It doesn’t limit you learning just a specialized form of photography but teaches a skill set that you can apply to any form of photography. It also gives you the exposure to other photographers both amateur and professional building into the curriculum the inspiration to grow. That is what you get from the Seamedu Photography courses.

But above all, let your heart lead you and heart shall follow.

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