2-D Game Art mods
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August 22, 2014
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September 26, 2014

2-D Game Art mods

The Game Design batch has been recently busy with the dungeon game a lot lately and so they’ve been doing 3-D for some time. So, we thought why not refresh some things about 2-D game art. So now everyone is working on individual 2-D game art mods. Each student is supposed to select an existing 2-D game from any platform as a reference, so basically they are not going to change game-play in any fashion but they are free to modify the art side as they see fit. They even have the option of giving an all new theme to the existing mechanics. Here we’ll show you how we did it by tracking one student’s work. Here the game used for reference is ‘Cut the Rope‘. Whenever creating a new theme you have to start on paper i.e. sketch your idea out or even better make quite a few of the concepts you have in mind and then choose the one you like the best. In this case it was not a creation from the scratch but kind of a mod of the original character and the background and the assets.

sketch of Gom-Nom, mod ghost version of Om-nom

sketch of Gom-Nom, mod ghost version of Om-nom

Here you can see the character Om-Nom from Cut the rope has been modded into a ghost that looks like him but goes by the name Gom-Nom. Sketch only some key-frames of the character you don’t have to sketch out the whole sprite sheet of the character. So, the theme change here is going to be into a kind of a funny but ghostly kind of thing(Now this might remind of Casper). So now everything else was modded around Gom-Nom to match the theme. You can see that the candy is rather dull now and cracked so, it’s old but Gom-Nom still craves it. The little blue button from which the original rope originated is now replaced by a hook, and the rope by web.

You can then use Photoshop to dress up the image like this.






Here the Pen tool from PS has been used majorly to make the characters, the candy however is the modified version of the original. You can do that for all of them or use these to make the others, like this




Once you have the characters and the assets in one sheet you can work on the Background.


BG_11 BG_2 BG_3 BG_4 BG_5Cut The Rope uses a vector style art so we adapted a similar style for our background. We started off with a plane color and roughly made a box that would later become the room or the compartment like the cardboard box in the original game.



Then we draw some patches to make it interesting





We use layer styling and fx to match it o the theme. You can see the use of cold colors for the ghostly theme.




Use pen tool and brushes to add details like shadows.


Give the finishing details using brushes of different opacity. Then use Layer styling to give an overall dark feeling.

Once you have your character sprites, your assets and the background etc. you can take all of this to the game engine then start building a level. So this was how we made modified 2-D art for existing games. Hope you liked this, please do leave comments

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