Lights, Camera, Fashion – 2019’s Top Fashion Photography Trends
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Lights, Camera, Fashion – 2019’s Top Fashion Photography Trends

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Data from the biggest searches in 2018 can help photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals determine what trends will resonate most with the audience in 2019 and the foreseeable future.

Stock photography giants like Adobe Stock, StoryBlocks, and Shutterstock are analyzing data from 2018 to pinpoint this year’s trends. This meta data not only points us towards the biggest trends, but also gives us a glimpse as to which page the world is on today and the commonalities binding us together owing to styles, content, and techniques of photography.


Fashion photography is one of the most glamourous and coveted professions today. Lifestyle fashion photography is a genre where candid, unrehearsed moments of a model’s real life are captured and then creatively edited using different photography software.

Here is a list of fashion photographers who are taking the field by storm currently: Atul Kasbekar, Dabboo Ratnani, Jatin Kampani, Subi Samuel, Vikram Bawa, Pamela Hanson, Jeff Bark, Lara Jade Sarah Moon, Bruce Weber and many more. They have millions of followers – make sure you follow their profiles and pages for the latest trends in the industry.

Fashion photography is one field where trends and keeping up to speed with them, prove to be amongst the most crucial factors for success. Fashion photographers have to look at least one season ahead when planning or taking pictures.

Underrating all 2018 fashion trends will negatively impact any photographers’ market value. This genre is so important because people have always been interested in fashion, reading top fashion magazines, fashion and lifestyle blogs, or watching TV advertisements to keep themselves abreast.

The year 2017 was named as the ‘year of naturalness’ in the photography world and that trend carried forward to the fashion photography world, too.

Here are a few trends in the fashion world that made waves in the latter part of this year and are here to stay.

1. Arty Colours

A recent trend in the field is to use pastel, peachy, rosy, and golden colours. Neutral tones are a passé, but colour grading is definitely in!

This trend is gaining popularity among fashion experts. The aesthetic logic used for this trend is that delicate and classy; toning used in such pictures remind the viewer of oil paintings, thus making it a perfect blend of art and fashion. Colour theory is one of the primary and most important things photography students are taught at Seamedu.

2. Lighting

The impact of lighting in photography is of paramount importance. Any aspiring photographer is also aware of this fact. This reflects in a very interesting way in the world of fashion. Mood lighting is the go-to choice of the season.

Muted and soft tones with darker mid-tones give a vibe of mystery and melancholy and are visually more appealing.

Staying away from harsh lights and strong shadows while adhering to the fundamental rules of photography will take you places in the current scenario.

3. Multi Modal

GIFs and videos are immensely popular in today’s times and the world of fashion photography is also not spared by this. A balanced combination of still and motion photography is a big hit and gives a feel of stop motion.

This combination adds dynamism to the pictures and aids the narrative to be conveyed in a more compelling way.

Seamedu’s photography courses teach students to go beyond the convention and explore ultramodern photography techniques.

4. Go Natural

Authenticity is one of the most important latest trend in the field. It is best to show people something that they can resonate with. Impractical and unrealistic imagery is not acceptable any more.

Body modification etc. are taboos in today’s world and you can see this trend in the leading fashion magazines today.

5. Diversity

Another trend in today’s inclusive society is diversity. With movies like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians making it big, the world is now ready for exposure to different cultures.

Diversity, acceptance towards different body types, support for LGBTQI communities and many such progressive humanitarian aspects are following through in the world of fashion photography.

6. The evergreen retro

This year retro is being juxtaposed with futuristic elements to make it an extremely interesting trend.

The 80s elegance is back in fashion but along with it execution of a retro look is quite modern. Staying away from plastic, using handcrafted materials, and sustainable fashion are used in execution, albeit doing justice to the evergreen retro look.

At Seamedu, our degree and diploma courses are designed to teach aspiring photographers the fundamentals and techniques of photography. Our expert faculty have several years of experience behind them and they bring it all to the table – training our students to leverage the latest trends in the industry. And as trends change every year, our practical assignments and workshops, too, evolve with changing times.

As you can see, many of these trends have a humanitarian aspect and are using creative imagery to make a statement and take a stand on current social issues. Some point towards the increased importance of authenticity and inclusion, while also showing changes in the industry. Other trends point towards trends from the past being resurrected.

Identifying trends isn’t just about knowing what’s cool; they offer actionable insights to the world’s content makers. “By understanding visual trends and becoming visually fluent, creatives can apply these findings and add fresh, timely elements to their own work,” Adobe Stock’s Brenda Milis said.

Are you someone who enjoys photography and loves following the latest fashion trends?


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