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All the workshops we held for our students in December!

Our philosophy of teaching at the Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism is “to train professionals who are ready to step out into the real world and meet the demands of the fields of work that they have selected.”And through the year, every year, we strive to deliver the same. Give them as much hands on training and guidance with as many projects as possible. We even periodically bring in professionals from the industry to give them the secrets of what is happening on the other side of the fence. Here are some of the workshops we organized for our students in the month of December.

Workshops conducted at the Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism in December

Composting in films and advertisements

The Seamedu-School of Game & Animation was very busy during the month of December. Among the many other things that we had the students working on, we also scheduled a workshop for them to attend!


Speaker:Saurabh Tripati, Sr. Compositor, Toolbox Studio

The aim of this workshop was to give anyone who had even the slightest of inclination towards VFX a peek into the basics and the taste of how to use a more advanced tool. Saurabh began with giving out the very basics of what compositing is and a showcase of the VFX work that ended the theory with explaining the need for compositing in films and advertisements. And then came the tougher subject of understanding what can be done with a high-end compositing software. For this, he choose to use a case study format. The entire session ended with a question and answer session that gave the students an opportunity to learn as much as they wanted from him.

Television – Live interview and online editing

This one was a result of a collaboration between our three schools of mass communication, film, and sound. The students of mass communication had to learn the ins and outs of conducting a live interview. To ensure that they actually get a hang at doing what the mass communication students learnt in theory, the different heads of the schools got together and designed a workshop that turned into a learning experience for all of them.

Subject: Live interview and online editing

Speaker: Mr. Madhav Gokhle, News Editor, Sakal newspaper

The students had to get together and actually shoot a live interview using multi camera set up, this was simulation of Television news channel working. The mass communications students were tasked with finding the anchor and the questions that would be the basis of the entire workshop. The film students were task with the setup of the studio and the sound students were tasked with getting all their gear in place. (As our pedagogy aims at “learning by doing” in this exercise planning, execution is done by students).  Nobody gets any do overs so along with learning the application of the theory, our students also learnt that team effort is the only way a shooting of this magnitude could be achieved!


DJing and one of the software’s used

Kids like to have fun and ensuring fun in learning is the only way that the teaching will actually stick with them. This was one of the cooler workshops as they put it, that we held for our young minds of the School of Sound and Music.

Subject: DJing using Traktor which is used by most professional Dj’s

Speaker: Nakul Ambilkar

Nakul Ambilkar has the experience of working as a DJ and a music producer with big names like Funkagenda, Paul Thomas, Andrea Bertolini, Steve Haines, Max Freegrant. During the workshop, he started with the very basics of DJing covering the software and hardware that one would need along with how to mix two tracks and the harmonics in it. Toclose the session, he covered the different aspects of DJing at a professional level and the software traktor.



Reality TV shows are the reality of today. This workshop was an effort on our behalf to teach the kids across all schools what it takes to put something of this nature together.

Subject:How to shoot a reality TV show

Speaker: Ms. Maya Rao, who is a visiting faculty and the creative head for many TV shows now

The concept behind this workshop was to get all the students from the different schools together to work out the logistics involved. The reality show that they had to put together had two groups competing against one another in for the prize. The students had to not just learn the aspects of the production but also work together and put up two skits that had to be shot. A lot of hard work went into it and it was certainly worth it!


This is just what we did in the month of December! The entire year at Seamedu is filled with such activities. Our students learn to work hard and have fun while doing so.


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