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November 29, 2014
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At The Seamedu Campus: Auro 3D Technology Workshop with Aditya Modi

Auro 3D

Technology determines the future in every aspect of production today. Dolby sound has set the quality parameter for sound production for quite some time now. But as time passes, everyone has a question what next? Auro 3D is the answer to that!

But what is Auro 3D?

In the words of the founder, Wilfred, Auro-3D is the “Immersive Sound” format that revolutionized the cinema industry with true 3D sound.  Auro-3D is also the first 3D sound format brought to home theatres, with the introduction of compatible A/V receivers in January 2014. Note that Auro-3D is not a conventional “Surround Sound” format but an “Immersive Sound” format. What’s the difference? Surround formats, like standard 5.1 and 7.1 are 2-dimensional formats using an auditory plane around the listener. They are not true 3D audio formats with X, Y, and Z dimensions to envelop the listener.”

Auro 3D basically builds on the single horizontal layer used in the 5.1 sound to create a spatial sound field by adding a height layer around the audience on top of the traditional 2D surround sound system. This technology has been started penetrating the professional cinema scene for a while now. To ensure that our students stay abreast with the current trends and emerging technologies in sound engineering and production, we organized a workshop on this upcoming technology calling upon the expertise of Aditya Modi of Modi Digital on the 8th of November.


Why Aditya Modi?

Auro 3D, seamedu


Born to Vijay Modi, Aditya’ love for music started when he was young sitting with his farther in the recording studio for many well-known artists including the famous A.R. Rahman. After his education, he spent some time as a DJ in LA and then as an assistant to Daman Sood when he returned. But the high point in his career was when he moved to Chennai to work the legendary A.R. Rahman himself in 2001. Since then, he has moved on to setting up his own studio.


What did we do?

The aim was present to the students the different aspects of working with this new technology. Many factors differ fundamentally between its predecessors and Auro. Immersive sound is about vertically spreading the sound in a hemisphere surrounding the audience which makes the speaker layout very crucial. Auro-3D has three vertical layers that achieve a more natural spread of sound energy with precision in location of the sources and their reflections on the vertical axis from ear level and above. The unique feature to Auro-3D is the vertical stereo field of 30 degrees that is created in front of and around the listener. This in turn creates a more natural presentation of the sound sources and their 3D reflections. Another major difference is the high-resolution audio (PCM) in each channel. And that was just the beginning. Bearing in mind these differences, we spoke about every single aspect big and small that could make a difference in the process of sound production. This was of course followed by a Q and A session that gave our students a chance to obtain some guidance from one of the best India has ever seen! And we are proud to say, they certainly made the best of the opportunity.


Did we manage to meet the goal of organizing an informative and interesting workshop?

Auro 3D. Seamedu


What does this picture say to you?

To put words to it here is one of our students had to say about the workshop! Auro 3D is an emerging technology for 3D audio sound. Auro 3D is an extension to the existing 5.1 Surround Sound Technology with ‘Height’ added to a sound. And the workshop on it turned out to be a very important and an amazing experience. Their aim was to create awareness about the technology. Seamedu had invited Mr. Aditya Modi, owner of Modi Digital, to guide the students about the technology. The session was followed by Q n A. By the end of the session and the questions, we walked out with our jaw dropped open.


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