At the Seamedu Campus: Live Interview and Online Editing
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December 19, 2014
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January 1, 2015

At the Seamedu Campus: Live Interview and Online Editing

Live Interview and Online Editing at Seamedu Campus

Once again, the different schools under our roof came together to put together a wonderful idea for a workshop. Our students of mass communication this time were tasked with understanding the skill of conducting a live interview. They read about it in the class room but our faculty was one again faced with the question of how much can they really learn in the class room session? To stand true to the founding beliefs of the school, they had to give the students some practical learning. The solution was therefore an obvious one, the students had to conduct and shoot a live interview. This however the mass communication school could not achieve by themselves. And hence, the heads of the school of film and sound were roped in. The different heads of the department got together and designed a workshop that would be a learning for the students of the different schools of mass communications, film, and sound. And that is how this workshop on live interview and online editing came to be.

The Agenda

The aim was for the different the students to understand the technicalities of shooting a live interview. But there was an additional agenda behind this too. A live interview is always tricky and it is so for all the parties involved. The interviewer/anchor needs to be present and ready with the not just the question but also needs keep in mind that this is a limited time affair and he or she is tasked with keeping the show on track. The filming crew gets no do overs. And that is that. There are multiple cameras set up and they need to work it all together seamlessly if the interview is to seem grasping to the audience that is viewing it. The same of course goes to the sound team. For all this to workout, the different teams have to work together. That was the agenda of the workshop. To teach kids not just the technicalities of conducting a live interview but also the importance of working together.

The Task

The students of the school of mass communication where tasked with preparing to conduct and anchor a live interview, while the students of schools of film and sound were tasked with the setup of the entire production set. They had to figure out everything from how the interviewer and interviewee would be made to sit to the makeup, camera angles, the lighting, the recording, and everything else involved to make the interview a success!

The location: Seamedu Chroma Studio

Guest Speaker: Mr. Madhav Gokhle, News Editor, Sakal newspapers, Pune

Anchor: Atharva Gaiki, 2nd year, BMM, Broadcast Journalism student

Subject: Changing patterns in Media

The Result

The students of mass communication not only understood the function of anchoring and conducting a live interview but they also walked out with a great deal of knowledge on the subject. They obviously had to do a lot of research the subject to prepare the questions worthy of man of such calibre, but they also heard from an industry expert on how these patterns matter. Goal for this school achieved.

The students of film and sound handled the setup from scratch. They not only set it up brilliantly but they also handled the entire interview flawlessly. Goal for these schools achieved.

And we as a school are so proud of our students that words simply just cannot describe it! But what was truly heart-warming to us was that a quite a few of the participating students from the different schools came up to their faculty and said that they believed it was possible to have so much fun when learning only at Seamedu! In all, it was a great day at the Seamedu campus!

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