At the Seamedu Campus: Rangbhoomi - Seamedu
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December 8, 2014
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December 12, 2014

At the Seamedu Campus: Rangbhoomi

TV studio production, Seamedu,

The very first reality show aired in 1991, the Dutch series of Nummer 28. The genre however grew to be global phenomenon with Survivor and Big Brother. Today, reality shows top the list of genres that are the biggest hits on TV. But what does it take to make one?

The Agenda

A TV studio production has many technical details that only experience can teach. The agenda was for the students to learn everything about the making of a reality show of this nature and execution. There are different aspects to be covered over this and different roles that need to be played. First off, one person to run it all. This role is to ensure that the main aim or vision of the show being produced reflects in the result and that it all happens in time. The producers help in achieving the responsibility of holding this role. They help in hiring the writers, actors, lighting, camera, and all the other roles that are needed to in production. Apart from that, there is the setting up for the studio and all the management that goes into it. For a show to work, the script needs to be finalized in advance, all the actors have to prep, and the studio has to be set up. Then comes the shooting of it and the postproduction.

Standing by our belief, we decided that experience is the best teacher. To give our students the experience of the same, we came up with the concept of Rangbhoomi.


What is Rangbhoomi and what did the students do?

Tv studio production, Seamedu

Rangbhoomi is our very own reality show that has been produced end to end by our students.

The reality show features two groups competing over their own skits and performance. The students were tasked with splitting into two groups to make performances of their own and the students themselves had to handle all the aspects from scratch. The reality show was shot with 6 cameras and edited online. All the departments script, camera operations, lighting, performances, anchoring, art direction, online editing, sound recording, music, logo designing, promos of the programs were also handled by Seamedu students. The workshop was scheduled to take place over two days i.e. 29th and 30th Nov 2014, but the students were involved with the preparing of the studio, floor plan, and other preproduction tasks for almost a month.

The net result? A 30 minute production that is very much an inspiration to all those studying in the field of media!


Guiding experts

Since a production of this scale requires the involvement of so many departments, the faculty from all the associated departments put in their thought and presence to help the students out. But the individual we are most thankful to was the Ms. Maya Rao. A visiting faculty member of the school who made it a point to be present, guide the students through every stage, and hurdle that they were to face. She is currently the creative head for various TV shows and brings a great deal current industry knowledge on practices to the table.


The Result

Tv studio production, Seamedu

Our students walked out from the 2 day workshop with a reality check that has ensured that they ready to face the tough realities of the production industry! But what we are really proud of is the enthusiasm with the students tireless worked for almost a month to get everything ready. Hard work always pays and it certainly did for them too. The results are without a doubt astounding.

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