Baahubali - Seamedu’s : Andrew Kramer
August 7, 2015
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August 17, 2015


Baahubali is a two part film by Director SS Rajamouli. The movie is extremely popular and has a stellar record at the box office. It also has a really classy trailer.


The film is known for its amazing VFX and photorealism. It was made with the help of 17 VFX studios consisting of roughly 600 VFX artists. Not only that, word is also around that the same guys who worked on Jurassic World have done a bit of freelance on Baahubali as well. Baahubali is taking Photo realism and VFX to a whole new level.

Baahubali cost an estimate $40 million to make and made it the most expensive Indian movie till date.

Of the Indian companies working on the VFX for Baahubali were, Makuta and Firefly operating out of Hyderabad and Prasad EFX out of Chennai. Makuta has worked on previous projects like Hunting the Phantom, Eega / Makkhi and Ghajini.

Prasad EFX has worked on a lot of popular movies more notably the Piku, NH 10, Mr.X.

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