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October 30, 2014
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Board Game 1 From Game Design Workshop

This post is about one of the board game ideas that came up during the Game Design Workshop of 16th October. You can read about details of the workshop here.

This particular idea is one of the 4-5 playable ones which we got out of the student teams that day. So, it started something like this….

About Team

Teams Attending workshop

Teams Attending workshop

The Team Discussing their idea

The Team Discussing their idea






Members: 3           Time spent: 30 mins

About The Idea

This board game was an attempt to mix up the concepts of a board game and a digital game. So the board game this group chose as the base was the simple game of Ludo and then they tried bring in portions of the digital game ‘Left 4 Dead‘ into the board of ‘Ludo‘. Now these two might seem a little too far apart from one another, but as you know game ideas can come out of most crazy thoughts.

Where it came from

According to the team that came up with this, they found kind of a similarity between the two games, 4 players trying to escape the scenario set by the game. But in case of the board game the four players play against each other on the other hand in ‘Left 4 Dead’ the four players are supposed to play in ‘Co-op‘ mode.

About the Prototype

The team didn’t mess with the core mechanics of Ludo much, but now instead of the players playing against each other they play in co-op like in the digital game. The co-op part of the game is that to escape from the zombie apocalypse scenario taken from ‘Left 4 Dead’ but all four players have to reach there before they can escape since, each player brings one of the vital parts of the vehicle they are supposed to escape in.

To make the board feel like a zombie apocalypse they have laid down fields where the players are swarmed by zombies. Each player also has some limited supplies with them which they have to manage till the end.


As mentioned before, game ideas can come from the craziest thoughts, and mixing a board and a digital zombie survival may be one of them. This particular idea was just the first thing the team thought of, so obviously there’s still a lot of work to do, but I guess we can say they have a theme and now they’ve got the start up they needed to make a board game.



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