Build a Career in Animation
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November 26, 2014
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November 28, 2014

Build a Career in Animation

Best Animation Courses


There was a time when animation was considered to be a great hobby but not a very suitable career. The market today has provided the creative ones a perfect balance between doing what they love and making money from it. Animation is no longer restricted to movie making; 3D graphics and digital videos are everywhere now. The field has seen such advances in recent times that it has taken over the market of education in fine arts in what seems like a blink of an eye.

What Can You Do in Animation?

There is no dearth of profiles out there if you’re looking for a job in animation. Here are a few that are always in demand.

In between animator – beginner profile where you can learn all there is to animation

Modeller – building the models for animation

Background artist – paints the background of the characters in the project

Layout artist – sets the layout for the background of the animation

Storyboard artist – visualize one series of animation from frame to another and draw them

Clean-up artist – traces out the rough sketch of the animator to check accuracy and consistency of design

Scanner operator – scan’s the clean-up artist’s drawings

Special effect artist – combines live action footage with computer generated imagery

Digital ink and paint artist – Adds colour to each frame

Key frame animator – draws pictures of the movement from the beginning to the end

Lighting artist – creates variations of colour intensity, shades, shadows and reflections

Image editor – puts together the various audio-visual aspects

Rendering artist – combines all the aspects like models, animations, textures and lighting to turn it all into a single frame

2D animator – create many separate drawings that sets a definition to an animated sequences

Texture artist – develop a surface to the 3-D modelled character

Rigging artist – takes a textured model and sets in a skeletal system to ensure smooth fluidity in movement

3D animator – takes the a rigged model and gives it life

Character animator – gives life to a character so that they seem believable and realistic to the audience

Compositor – brings all the different characters and backgrounds into a single frame

What is the Market Like?

Animation has always held a strong place in the making of movies, television and advertising. This has boosted employment opportunities and pay scales. At the same time the studios in the west looks to India as a preferred destination for outsourcing. This put together makes animation one of the most lucrative fields now.

But does it mean that education in the animation has also developed? It be honest it is not so. Many schools out there have a course in animation. Among them, some are ranked higher than the rest. Which brings us to our point, “why join the best animation course only”?

Why Join The Best Animation Courses Only?

What is the difference between any engineer and an engineer from IIT? At the risk of sounding silly, it is obviously the brand of the school. He is expected to be better than the rest simply because the quality of education is higher and therefore better placements too.

The same logic is applicable for an animation course. Especially because animation is not something, you can read, learn, and remember. Animation has to be practised and mastered. Nobody wants an animator who does work that doesn’t seem realistic and appealing. Training to be animator requires the grilling of the technique during practical application with guidance from experts. This is where the best animation courses come in.

  • Industry oriented syllabus – the learning is tailored to ensure that you have skills that are needed out there.
  • Industry professionals teaching in classrooms – if there is a change is trend in the market, it is in the classroom at the same time. Or if a new technique or software has come in, you learn about it too.
  • Projects and assignments – in the field of entertainment, it is all about what you can do. With a good school, you have a portfolio going even before you step out there.
  • Reference – when you have a respected professional teaching you, a good grade in itself is a reference!

All things leads to the one thing that all students and the parents paying their fees want, BETTER placements. And especially that is why you pick out of the best animation courses in India only.

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