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July 15, 2015
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Career in visual effects: 10 years back VS Today

The change that the visual effects has seen over the last decade has been nothing but amazing. There was a time when the integration of visual effects into a movie and it is was heard off only in movies back then, was not the most common place. That was over a decade ago. Today, we see visual effects pretty much everywhere, movies, ads, music videos, games, and more! This journey has done nothing but add magic to the life of the viewers. Here is a three minute homage video dedicated to the visual effects made throughout history giving viewers a glimpse of technology advancement over the years.

The Growing Demand for VFX Artist in India: Then and Now
Things are looking positive for the Indian mainstream market as the film industry and game industry are continually in demand for talented people. Technologies like motion and facial capture has improved vastly and become more commonplace. In order to bring their visualization back to life, directors have started making use of pre visualization programmes.

Before the extended version of cinema, tablets, computers, billboards and smart phones were unheard of. Now all these mediums have some visual effect treatment. The expansion in this field continues to rise and offer great career opportunities in television production, web content creation, films and game development.

Career Options: Then and Now
The VFX industry is growing rapidly and is expected to grow to 18.5% and reach 55.9 by the end of the year. Other post production services are also expected to grow to 24% and 19%. For this reason, there is a great surge in the career opportunities for well trained people. The Indian entertainment and animation studios are always welcoming well skilled artists. Some of the top animation studios such as Sony Pictures, Disney and Turner Entertainment are outsourcing visual content to India. These industries offer several job opportunities basing on your level of interest and creativity.
You might have been awestruck seeing the cinematic brilliance of some of these movies like The Lord of the Rings, Madagascar 3, Avatar, Life of Pi, Rise of the Planet of the Apes to name a few. Well the credit goes to the talented visual effects artists, who made sure that the VFX for these movies looked believable and realistic. In recent years, many Indian VFX and animation studios have started working for several of the Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Several South Indians have set a new milestone for the Indian VFX industry. Movies like Makkhi (Eaga) and Kochadaiiyan, Ra-One, Robot has been brilliantly presented. The Marathi movie Baji that recently used around 250 shots of VFX and was executed entirely by a Pune based VFX studio, Toolbox studios.
This has in turn paved way for the demand for more visual artists in the country. The gaming industry is another avenue for VFX artists.

Career Advices from the Experts
Many a times, we want to utilize our talents but aren’t able to channel it through right. It is worth a listen to what these experts has to say about making your career in the video linked down below. They offer some great tips on improvising your VFX show reel, making the right CV profile and the needed skills employers are looking for.

Education Options Today & Yesterday
If you want to make a career in the visual effects industry, you must learn how others in the past went about to climb the ladders of success. A decade or more back, many learnt the skill needed on the job. They had the talent and thirst for the job and propelled them forward. Today, however, education in the field has become a must. Technology and software is what runs the business now and if you are not trained and ready in these, then making a career is only going to take longer and more painstaking! If you are planning on enrolling to a university, your skills and your talents need to match up with the demands. For the longest time, many educational setups have been running without imparting students with the right skills and not setting up visual effects as a career option. The demand for a visual effect artist has been growing more over the years. If you are looking out for an institution that channels your talents and skills, then it has to be Seamedu. This is one institution that allows students to shy away from traditional way of teaching. They have a host of animation and design courses that students can opt for. Passed out students are all praises for the institution.

The change has been tremendous but it has been for the great!

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