7 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Media School
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7 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Media School

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Picking the right college or course for you is not an easy task. There is an ocean of options out there and narrowing down your choices can get quite overwhelming. When looking for a good media school in India or anywhere else for that matter, it is important to pen down what you expect to gain from the course and then use that as a guideline to choosing the best college for you.

Here are 7 things you should look at when trying to zero in on the best media school for you:

1. Be Sure of What You Want

When looking to pursue a degree in media, you are presented with an array of options. Media is a very broad term for a lot of different careers. Journalism, photography, game design and animation are 4 very different career options that fall under the broad spectrum that is media studies. So, before you even start looking for colleges, be very sure about what exactly you want to study under “media.” Knowing that in itself will narrow down your options considerably.

2. Budget

Once you know what you want to study, the next thing to look at is your budget. Media schools offer a range of subjects and courses and a lot of these courses involve learning to navigate your way around some pretty expensive software. Consider everything from tuition, accommodation, extra curriculars and miscellaneous expenses on additional equipment for the course. So choose your school according to what they are offering and what you can afford.

3. Infrastructure

Colleges that offer media courses need to have a certain kind of infrastructure in place. This includes physical rooms and buildings as well as technological provisions and provisions for media equipment. A completely Wi-Fi enabled campus, studio space for art as well as music, access to necessary software, etc. are just a few things that they should have. So look into their infrastructure, talk to ex-students, or better still, go visit the place for yourself before you make a decision.

4. City

Many people may take this lightly but really taking a look at the city in which the college exists is equally important. Is it a small town or is it a metropolitan? How are you planning to travel? Is there a proper public transport system in place? Is accommodation available for single students near the college? How expensive is it to live in the city? Ask yourself all these questions and make sure you find the answers to all of them. It will make your decision a lot easier and your move to the city a lot less stressful.

5. Affiliation

Another important factor to look at is the college’s affiliation. Is the college affiliated to a university that is recognized countrywide? Will you have to do a refresher’s course should you wish to work in another country? Will you be able to pursue your masters overseas with the degree you get from this university? It is important to check all these factors before you make your decision.

6. Training and Internships

Every good college will include in their course a few months of internships to give you a hands-on job experience. Look for colleges with good internship programmes that have connections with well-known production houses and studios so that you get a chance to work under the best trainers out there. Internship programmes are crucial. If you do well, you might be asked to come back for a permanent position after you get your degree.

7. Placements

Most media colleges have connections with studios and production houses. They set up their best students with interviews and other connections that can really give you a leg up in your hunt for a job later on. So, try to find a school that promises placements. Of course you are free to choose your own employer, but going through a school will help you build your network and make a place for yourself in the world of media.

That concludes the checklist. Make sure you consider these 7 things before making a decision. It will help you choose the right media school at the best possible price.

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