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Communicating Effectively with Brian Joseph at Seamedu

It is often said that communication works for those who work on it. This is something that we live by at Seamedu. We believe that it is very important to train our students in effective communication as it is the foundation on which personality and careers are built. The first impression is the last impression and whether it is a face-to-face conversation or a professionally written e-mail, communication is always the first step.

Understanding this, a communication skills workshop was held at the Seamedu School. The purpose of this workshop was to improve the ability to inform and persuade.

Speaker profile: Brain Joseph

We always want the best for our students, so the trainer at this workshop had to be the best. Mr. Brian Joseph who has nearly 12 years of experience as a communication trainer was chosen to conduct this workshop. He has worked with many IT companies and colleges like WNS, IBM, Sinhagad College, Hyderabad NIIT and many more. Presently he is associated with President Systems Ltd.

What happened at Workshop

In this fun-filled workshop students learnt how to communicate, what are the barriers of communication, how to improve Pronunciation, and how to write an e-mail. The session was very energetic and interactive. Not only were they filled with enjoyment, the students also got to learn many new things.

The lectures began in a very interesting way. The first task of the students was to change places at a specific time set. This not only created a lively atmosphere but also taught the students the importance of time management.

Mr. Brian Joseph being a pro at these lectures managed to hold the attention of everyone during the period of the lectures. He gave knowledge in the form of interesting videos on communication and body language. These videos were quirky yet informative and had managed to engage all the students.

Mr. Joseph not only gave a very effective lecture for the entire group, he also called each student to introduce themselves and gave them personal training based on their mistakes with ways to improve them. This session helped to boost confidence in the students massively which in turn will definitely help them to thrive in their careers.

What our students had to say about the workshop

The communication-training workshop was a great success. It not only taught the students practical techniques to assemble thoughts, but also how to communicate these thoughts effectively. Our students were very happy and satisfied with the workshop and we received amazing feedback.


We are glad we could give our students the chance at improving their communication skills. After all, good communication is a must for leadership to be effective!


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