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March 11, 2015
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March 23, 2015

Designers Trying Their Hand at Coding

We all know that how game design is a very complex process and it takes complete dedication and nothing less to be mastered and can still sometimes give uncertain results. Now coding for games is almost as complex a thing to understand and master as designing the only difference between the two is that the former is conceptual and the later is more technical. Now we at Seamedu believe that if a designer has some understanding of how the coding works behind the visual display of a game and is able to comprehend the complex nature of the code he could co-ordinate with a fellow game programmer in a better fashion. That is the reason we, the BFA game design batch which is essentially a design oriented group of people took a little challenge of trying to code a couple of games on our own. We tried to replicate a 2D game that was done by our programming counterparts also in the ‘Game a Week’ project but with a twist i.e. with artwork we ourself had created. Not all of us made past the technical challenges thrown in by game programming but those of us who did now understand that how each little detail that we create during design takes equal amount of efforts to be converted into a digital mechanism or feature. And this now has also given us kind of extra edge, we could now create our own little prototypes whenever we’re struck with an idea without having to depend on a programmer and I am sure it’ll also let us understand game design in case of a digital game better.

Here is a screenshot from one of the games, You’ll be able to play the all three versions of the game here:

Egg Catcher Basic

Egg Catcher Basic

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