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November 28, 2014
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Dhruva Interactive at Seamedu



A couple of weeks ago, we had a presentation from India’s biggest game art company Dhruva Interactive. They are India’s  oldest game art studio, started in 1997. They have worked on a variety of games, a few notable ones including Forza Motorsport series, NFS Undercover, Battlefield Modern Combat amongst others. The session was conducted by Mr. Jagdish B V, the assistant manager of talent acquisition at Dhruva.

In the presentation, he featured a couple of videos, consisting of their work, mainly videos, trailers and all from the latest Forza game. He then moved on to show us what kind of effort and work is needed to get into a company like Dhruva. He showcased the environmental quality required, to make games and how a similar consistency is required when making an environment, particularly making your own textures and how they should be similar but they should still have a variation.


He then went on to explain game engines. A game engine is typically where the game comes together, coded and ultimately made. He then mentioned how they are each different from the rest. Some engines use real time rendering while other have pre-rendering. He then showed us a video of various engines and their rendering output, most notably the Crytek’s CryENGINE and the Epic games’ Unreal engine.

He then moved on to conclude the session, with presentation of a few meshes and explained how it is important to have a clean mesh and a good mesh flow more than having too low poly mesh since the engines today are way more powerful than before. He also showed us a some of their work to show how they expect modellers to achieve good clean meshes and detailed textures and also how to add finishing touches to a model & then concluded the presentation by wishing us luck.

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