Dungeon Cell Phone Game – Production Stage
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April 16, 2015
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April 17, 2015

Dungeon Cell Phone Game – Production Stage

To recap what we did in our last session for Game Design by Jithin Rao… We decided on the progression of our game, as well as interaction buttons and a bit of Combat. In this session, we covered a variety of other details. By the end of the session we had a flow as well as a basic skeleton outline of our story.

We kicked off the session with a couple of Questions being thrown at us by Jithin sir. Some of these including

  • How far do you want to go?
  • Features to include? Small and Indie or go BIG like Diablo 3?
  • What is it that professionals see, that students don’t?

After which we realiosed… The story etc is all the backlog of the game.. What matters is how the user interacts with the game.

We then moved on to a couple of Prototypes sir had prepared for us.

1st Prototype

The first prototype included a couple of new elements. Walls were added, a green indication marker for where the player is facing.. A door was added as well and something unexpected happened.. As the debug was on, the title Door kept showing up as a visual feedback which we realised was important. We decided to keep it. Do NOT put in a new feature in the game, unless u NEED it.This prototype also included walls. .Which helped give it a feeling of uneasiness.

2nd Prototype

The second prototype onward, mainly included iterations for interaction buttons and visual feedback. The debug text that kept showing up, was now highlighted and so did the interaction button in the middle.

3rd Prototype

The third one included highlighting the door as well and removed the green path highlighting the path the player is facing. This also included a door that closed once u enter it.. But we didn’t realise this.

4th Prototype

The fourth prototype highlighted the closing of the door as well in the same color.

5th Prototype

The fifth prototype included random Procedural generated enemies. And it helped induce a bit of creepiness… As the enemies weren’t coded to attack yet… They just followed your gaze and looked at you.. Just like in the movies. It’s just plain creepy.

6th Prototype

The sixth and last prototype included a few probelms, once we removed the green marker that showed where the player was facing… That feeling that someone’s watching u when u face an enemy is still there.. But it gets toned down. So we have to make a call.. On weather we want to include a marker which shows where you’re heading or not…

After a short break, we then had to decide on a skeleton frame for a story. Just set up it’s basic theme and also to decide some of it’s objectives.

We decided to brainstorm about this in two groups to come up with different ideas. The first group decided a linear progressing storyline in which each level had two different ways to complete. The second group thought of a branched-in storyline in which multiple paths are available to complete the game. Sir advised us that making a branched-in story line will be a really big step and will require a lot more resources so we decided to go with the linear progressing storyline. The problem with that was if we have two ways to complete a stage, when the player decides on one way the other path will remain unused and will eventually make the game complicated for the player. So, to make the game more user friendly the first group added a “choice” factor into the progression. The choice will not be a big investment on the resources and can be easily modified later and it will also allow the user to experience a triple A game in their smartphones. The decision will be based on the user and will act as a moral compass towards the storyline. The ending of the game will be decided on the cummulative choices the player has taken. We thought of having 3 endings. One good, One bad and a neutral.

And we that we decided to wrap up the session! 🙂

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