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February 2, 2015
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Future of mass communication: Digital marketing and specific role of content marketing

The concept of mass communication came to be with the advent of the print media when newspapers become a part and parcel of life. It then spread to television as the technology became more and more commonplace. Technology has always been one of the major cause for change.  There was a time when it took decades for a game changing technology to reach the masses. Today, a new game changing technology is announced almost every year and the masses have access to almost as quickly as it is announced. The role of mass communication changes and grows with every step forward that technology makes. One such game changer that caused a drastic change in the practice of mass communication was the internet. Initially, all you could with the web was sit in front of a system to read and gather information. As the web caught on and became more and more popular, the technology that supported it advanced even more. Today, we can access the internet from pretty much anywhere with our smart phones and tablets. Not just that, we can do so much more online with the social media wave. Digital is where the world is heading and digital marketing is what businesses and brands need because of it. Therefore, saying that digital marketing is the future of mass communication is a sound conclusion.

Technology is factor but is that the only reason behind this shift? Definitely not. Consumers had been exposed to the over the top sales bitch and glorified ads for so long by the time digital marketing came to be that they caught on to the strategies that the traditional marketers used. They began to see right through it and the influence of these sales pitches on their decision-making dropped drastically. But until the digital medium came about, the consumer had no option but to accept the traditional mediums of communication. The digital medium was their opportunity to break away from the noise. Patterns changed, they no longer relied upon the businesses to reach to them and present a solution. They began to find the solution that suited them the best and used to the digital medium to reach out to a service provider that they choose. This when content marketing gained its supreme position in the marketing strategy.


Specific role of content marketing

How do you reach out to consumer who no longer pay attentions to ads or pays heed to banners? How do you get the attention of a consumer who is no longer afraid of expressing his annoyance at the way businesses and brands speak to him/her? How do you reach out to a consumer who treats your communication like a cold call from a call centre?

Content marketing is the answer to all these questions! Content marketing presents you with the opportunity of adding value to you proposition. With content marketing, you have the ability to provide your consumers with the information they are looking for and present your pitch in connection with it. It gives you the opportunity to create interesting ads with messaging that can resonate with them even if they aren’t currently looking to buy. With content marketing, you get to present to your customers not just your services but also information that they may need in the future too. It lets you place yourself as a brand that is there to help and a brand that knows what they are doing at the same time. The engagement that this form of marketing generates has great effect on inbound marketing in form of repeat customers. In combination with the reach that the digital medium possesses today, when content marketing is done right, the resulting sales and leads generated is great for business!


Some phrases come and go, some stick around. The phrase “content is king” falls in the latter category!

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