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September 12, 2014
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October 9, 2014

Game Assets and the Dungeon Game

The first thing that leaves an impression on your mind about a game is the environment that the game is set in and the environment is brought to life by the small small things that are kept around the player, the Game Assets.

In this post we’re showing how we made such assets that made out Dungeon environment look more lively.

3-D assets are of two types, static and dynamic. The static 3-D assets are the ones that are non interactive or are meant for visual impact rather than anything else. On the other hand the dynamic 3-D assets are the ones that are either interactive or constantly moving due to animation etc.


The Weapon stand in Maya


The Weapon Stand Rendered

All the assets are born in some or the other 3-D software like in our case Autodesk Maya. Using the modelling tool you give it a general shape, for games especially you cannot have too much details in the model because that would increase the total geometry involved and later would make the game heavier. After modelling these assets are textured to give them their original look and then modified accordingly if necessary.

Here you can see some of the assets that could be seen in the Dungeon game we’re currently working on.

Here the assets are in three different stages, First in Maya then the rendered version and then the asset as it is placed in the game.

The Weapon stand in game

The Weapon stand in game


Cage made in Maya


The Cage Rendered

Cage_In game

The Cage in game


Wall in Maya


Wall rendered


Wall in Game

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