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April 1, 2015
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April 16, 2015

Game Designers : On Screen v/s Off Screen

Shah Rukh look in Ra.One


In the modern day India it’s now safe to assumes that most of the current generation loves playing video games and spend a lot of time doing just that. Some do it on their PC, some console and ‘many’ on their smart-phones. Now have you ever wondered, how the game you like so much came to be? You’ve probably loved games and thought to yourself that “Oh! This is good!!” and it’s not just the visuals that you liked, there’s something about this game that appeals to you. Have you wondered what this particular thing is? People who are a little more involved than the average casual gamer might have some idea about this ‘thing’, it’s called ‘Design’.


The very design you loved is a product of hard-work of a lesser known breed of people known as the Game Designers. I’m sure you’ve heard that somewhere, try remembering where? NO? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. If you’ve seen the movie ‘RA-One’ you’ll remember that the character Shah Rukh Khan plays(The human not the robotic video-game character) is actually a game designer. Shah Rukh here plays the role of Shekhar Subramaniam an Indian Game Designer who designs a game where the antagonist(RA-One) is stronger that the protagonist(G-One). This never seen before change in his design was what made him and the game popular(in the movie world). And that actually is somewhat relevant to what an actual game designer does, this person is responsible for creating the unique identity of the game. But the real life designer is much more complex and has to do a lot more than that. Game design is relatively unknown in India, but actually has been around for quite some time. The fact that the concept of a game designer is being portrayed by somebody as popular as SRK shows that somewhere this profession is growing and gaining popularity itself. But there are still a major percentage of people who don’t have any idea what makes a game ‘game’. That is why we need to understand what is the role of a game designer.

A game designer is someone who crafts the experience of playing the game, this person sets up the rules of play both apparent and non-apparent which govern the way you play games. The design of the game is what creates the fun you have while playing the game and is usually complemented by the art you like so much. So, the next time you play a game that you really like, you might want to find out who the designer is and give the lad some credit.



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