Filmmaking Tips – How to Make Money as a Filmmaker in India
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July 23, 2015
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How to Make Money in a Film Making Career

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Here is the picture. You have just graduated from one of the best film schools along with a couple of award winning works to go with. You had high hopes. But there is much you need to know and learn before you get to the top and that is exactly what this article will tell you about. Everybody wants to be successful but until you get there here are a few filmmaking tips things that will keep you moving forwards towards your final goal!

But first….

Hard Hitting Reality

The sooner you accept this, the better. No one really hires a filmmaker who is just out of school. Film making is a high risk business with a lot of money involved. You need to invest in a lot yourself as a director. We make this clear in our minds but this is not to tell you to lose yourself and give up. Start slow before you hit the big note. Start by producing a low budget independent movie. You gain experience and make some money at the same time.

Do not get deceived with Theatrical Distributions

Watch your step as especially if your first featured film gets selected for a film festival screening for theatrical distribution. Ensure that you receive your payment in advance before accepting a theatrical distribution. Around 95% of such calls make what is known as the 50-50 net deal. Know when to make the smart move.

How to take Direction to a brand new level

As a director, you need to visualize the artistic component of the whole movie. As a film director, you need to have a consistent clear vision, gift to join forces and work together as a team. You need to have a deep knowledge about the history of movies and their techniques. Start off by making small independent movies. This is where you gain that experience. And if you are wondering where the money will comes from? Then, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010, the average annual salary of director and producers together make was $109,860. As a director, you can call for negotiations from the movie earnings.

Film Making Career

Need for more Art Directors

As an art director, you can work together with the directors and producers for the overall layout of the movie, settings and location of the film. After that, everything will rest heavily on you to bring the whole vision to life. You will need to manage the whole team of set designers, set construction managers, draftsmen and prop masters. Chances are good in this field as there is a dearth of art directors in the entire movie industry. You can earn good in this field with a salary of about $125,010. This could very much be the opening into the filmmaking career that you need!

The Big Story Behind a Cinematographer

Few people know that cinematographers are the ones that bring out the visual magic back into the screen. Even if a film features the most brilliant actors, a visionary director and the most outstanding screenwriter, but what matters is the image projected on screen. That is where the cinematographer comes into the picture. As a cinematographer, you would be expected to bring out the director’s visualizations and the screenwriter’s work into action. You must have an eye for artistry work and the skills for camerawork. The annual salary for even average film camera operators is $52,380 but top levels cinematographers can earn more than that.

How to Get Involved as a Screenwriter in Different Ways

As a screenwriter, you can get involved in the film project in different ways. You can write a full script first and pass it on to agents. Possibilities are there that they might hire you if they just like the script. When you move on and earn a name for yourself as a screenwriter, then you can set appointments with producers through their agents to pitch ideas for a script. For starters, you can join as a journalist, playwright or a novelist. If you have connections in the industry, then it helps too. The annual salary of a screenwriter rests at $78,860 or earn even more just for a single script.

While anyone can become a filmmaker, the qualifications for a filmmaker include a solid background in filmmaking and a relevant education in the subject. The scope for filmmaking is huge and the opportunities in the Indian film industry are numerous. You can foray into a field or subset you are most comfortable in.

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