In Talks With: Sakar Apte - Sound Engineering Alumnus - Seamedu
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In Talks With: Sakar Apte – Sound Engineering Alumnus

The world of alternative courses! They were such a taboo back in the day.Music , filmmaking , photography , these were just hobbies that could not be turned into careers. But in this day and age, the rules have changed. There is success waiting for those brave enough to pursue their dreams and passion.

Here is an interview of, Sakar Apte, an alumnus from Seamedu; talking about his life after he choose to take the unconventional route. He talks about what his life is like now and how anyone can choose and be successful in an alternative career.

What course did you complete?

I have always been a big fan of music. After a detour it was finally time to study my passion It was only right for me to do a Diploma in Sound Engineering with Seamedu.

Which company do you work for? What is your current designation?

I work as a Sound Engineer for HR Musik (Himesh Reshammiya)

Can you describe a regular day at work? Is it something you look forward to?

My day usually consists of recording various artists, mixing and mastering the final products. Work has always been fun. I wake up excited to go for work on any given day because I love what I do.

 What did they do before they studied their preferred course?

Like most people, I did engineering. I was studying Mechanical engineering to be precise.  I enjoyed what I studied. But music still remained in my heart and soon enough I got the chance to pursue it.

 What motivated you to follow their passion?

As far as motivation goes, it wasn’t much of an issue. I grew up around music and musicians. My entire family is into music, so it was in my blood.

Being born in a musical family, I had musical aspirations since I was a child. I am trained in classical music and always wanted to be a professional singer. And lastly, its music. Anything related to music has always been my first priority.

Any advice for those planning to study game/film/sound/mass media?

These days there are so many paths people can choose. With small industries gaining a ground in the corporate world. Musicians, game makers and film makers are no longer the strange bunch. This freedom is finally here and it’s great! But everyone should think twice before they choose a career. Make sure you know what you are doing is a passion of yours. Do not, under any circumstance, do something because you feel pressured. It’s your career and you should love what you do. The freer, relaxed and interested you are the better it is for you.

I wish every future student a very best of luck!

For all those who want to pursue their passion and make a career out of it, this was an example. Do not be fearful of the uncertainty that this new path is. There is success in these fields too. Sakar is an example to that!


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