Specialization Matters: Kickstart your Gaming Career with our BCA Degree
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June 25, 2018
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Specialization Matters: Kickstart your Gaming Career with our BCA Degree

Seamedu - Game Development Course

On the hunt for a good BCA degree course? Or BE? Or B.Tech? While each of these vanilla courses have their own sets of advantages and a few cons, the million-dollar question you need to ask yourself is… what do I intend to do after completing such a course?

Students in their 11th and 12th are often pressurized into opting for one of these traditionally well-perceived qualifications without giving a thought about their true calling, interests, aptitude or even the scope after the degree. If you have your heart set on a BCA degree, to start with, it is important to first introspect and then do your research about the career scope before you take the leap.

Have you considered Game Development as a potential career option?

Gaming is recognized the world over as one of the most entertaining and attractive activities to enjoy in your free time. From Mario to Assassin’s Creed, we’re sure you have had your dose of gaming while growing up and still enjoy the little joys of beating a bot (or another player)!

But have you ever thought about taking your love for gaming to the next level? Yes, game development is a thrilling, stimulating and creatively-challenging career and the need for qualified young professionals is at an all-time high at the moment!

Here are a few numbers that you should look at:

According to the Global Games Market Report, as of 2017, “there are 2.2 billion active gamers in the world, of which 47%, or 1.0 billion gamers, spend money while playing.”

That’s quite the number of the globe’s population reveling in the joys of gaming. The latest iteration of the report predicts this number to swell to 2.3 billion by 2018-end, elevating the value of the industry to $137.9 billion in the same time period. That would be a 13.3% increase over the figures from 2017 end which stood at a valuation of $121.7 billion.

The industry, then, is a massive one.

India has a rapidly growing gaming market

The effects of this global phenomenon are reverberating across our shores too, because the Indian gaming industry is on a precipice of a huge breakthrough.

As this Forbes piece explains: “The Indian digital gaming industry is growing rapidly, with behemoths like the Alibaba backed-Paytm, Tencent, Youzu and Nazara investing in it. One of the top five countries for mobile gaming in the world, the industry is already worth over $890 million. And with the demand for games on an upward curve, the country now has more than 250 game development companies, up from a mere 25 in 2010, with at least two startups coming up every month. Estimates suggest that India’s mobile games market will be worth $1.1 billion by 2020, and number of users projected to become 628 million by then.”

In case you skipped that paragraph, here’s what it basically says:

  • India is one of the top countries for mobile gaming
  • India has over 250 game development companies
  • The market is booming

How can you ride this wave?

If you love gaming and think that you can capitalize on this expected growth, you are right. This is the perfect time to enter the gaming industry as the only way is up for the industry’s future. But just how do you get a foot into the door? Well, you may assume that a generic Bachelor’s in Engineering (BE) specializing in Computer Science, maybe a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) with a computer science focus, or even Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications (BCA) might be the ticket. And to be fair, they would be, but none of them are focused and honed in on this industry.

If you do opt for any one of these generic computer applications or BCA courses, you’ll be forced to learn a lot of information you don’t need to be part of the gaming industry, and you won’t get the in-depth training you would require to excel in this space as soon as you enter the industry.

So, if you are really serious about entering the exciting world of game development in India, why not get a leg up over your future peers and other hopefuls by acquiring an education that is specific to this field?

Seamedu’s BCA in Gaming

At Seamedu, we offer a bespoke Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application (BCA after 12th) that only focuses on game development out of our Bangalore-, Mumbai- and Pune-based institutes. A three-year, full-time course for those with a passion for gaming and the vision to be part of this burgeoning industry here in India, our BCA course in Game Development provides you with all the right tools to ensure that you rise to greatest possible heights in this near-billion dollar industry.

As mentioned above, the eligibility for our BCA course is the successful completion of your 12th grade.

A quick look at Seamedu’s BCA in Gaming course

Our BCA degree covers everything from PC to mobile gaming, 2D to 3D environments, and all the industry-relevant programming languages including C#, Java, C++ and more. We also ensure that our students are well versed in the latest gaming trends by teaching them how to develop games using state-of-the-art technology like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Multiplayer Programming as part of the exhaustive BCA course syllabus and training structure.

We don’t just provide you with the knowledge base you would need, but also, thanks to our deep connections within the industry, the opportunity to intern at some of the biggest gaming companies in India as part of the BCA course offered in Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. Once you’ve graduated, we also help open the door to your career with our placement partners that include the who’s who of India, and the globe’s gaming industry.

With all these advantages on offer, and a faculty list that is as revered and experienced as the one that makes up our Gaming Department, if it is a career in gaming you are chasing after, Seamedu’s BCA in Game Development is the most logical choice for you.

Admissions for the imminent academic season are open, so apply today!

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