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May 10, 2014
August 2, 2014
The Dungeon Game Progress
August 22, 2014

May 15, 2014

The Dungeon Game Project progress

Remember the Dungeon game Project we talked about in a post a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been constantly working on that and have made some progress.
What Happened after the maps ?

We’ll take off where we left last time, so after finishing on the sketches and maps we started to make the dungeon in 3-D using Autodesk Maya. Each one of us was trying to create their own perception of a Dungeon in 3-D. Initially we planned to make one sample of each of the assets(like the Dungeon wall) and take those assets to Unity 3-D and build our dungeon there, but since we are not familiar with unity right now and because there’s a high probability of most of us making some or the other mistake, our faculty said that after making the samples we have to make the level in Maya itself so that we realize what mistakes we are making, what things we’re missing and what all have we not considered yet. In this way we would be a lot more comfortable correcting our mistakes in Maya which everyone is used to, rather than struggling with Unity right away. So here’s how far we’ve gone so far, these are some screenshots of the work we’ve been doing, you’ll notice a lot of different styles of approach, that’s because instead of working on fixed instructions we’ve been doing the trial and error method, and each student is working in his own way because everyone is working on their own type of dungeon, which no doubt takes time but teaches us a lot more.











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