MCM vs. BBA/BBM: An Honest Comparative Analysis
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MCM vs. BBA/BBM: An Honest Comparative Analysis


It cannot be understated how important it is to make the right choice in terms of your bachelor’s degree. Your future, livelihood, and everything else that follows will be strongly influenced by the decision you choose to make at this juncture.  The “right decision” in this situation of course is subjective, and largely dependent on what you see yourself doing in the future. Your next move will be dictated predominantly by this, so the first step is choosing your vocation. Today we are going to explore the exciting world of marketing and what is the most progressive route to success in this field.

At Seamedu School of Pro-Expressionism in Pune we offer a variety of different programs to prospective students, one of which is our Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communication Management (MCM). We are of the firm belief that this course brings more value than a generic Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) course. Before we go into why we believe this, let us understand what both courses are all about.

The basic differences

Our MCM course is a specialized marketing centric course that covers all details and aspects of the marketing world with a special focus on digital marketing. A BBA on the other hand is a course whose structure is rooted in management studies. You can sometimes choose a marketing specialisation in your BBA course but it is still a course that will stress upon a variety of management related topics such as human resources, financial analysis, accounting and more. Course length wise, typical BBA courses can be anywhere between 3-4 years, whereas our MCM course is a lot more focused, spanning across three years including a built-in internship program.

Jack of all trades vs specialist

In a generic management course, the first two (or three) years are typically spent studying all disciplines of business administration as mentioned earlier, with the last year usually set aside for your specialisation. This means, if you want to specialize in marketing, you still have to give equal attention to subjects like human resources and finance for two of the three years in your course depending upon the course structure. In our MCM course however, while the course structure does include modules on business, research and budget, it all revolves around marketing and how it can be applied specifically to this field. In a BBA you are taught a wide variety of distinct disciplines of the business world, resulting in you learning a little bit of everything, but not going in-depth into any one topic in particular. Whereas in our MCM course, the focus is solely on marketing and communications from beginning to end. So by the time you graduate you will be a bona fide specialist in the subject. This is crucial because in today’s highly sequestered corporate structure, companies are looking for young talent that can add value to a specific department rather than having a peripheral knowledge of a handful of operations.

 Plateauing vs climbing up the ladder

As a BBA graduate, you will get an entry level position with a corporate that requires your particular set of multi-faceted skills. However, to climb up the corporate ladder, you need to specialize in something. This means, to truly begin your ascendance within a corporate structure you will have to go back to school and acquire a specialization in a particular vertical as part of your Master’s degree. This however is not the case when it comes to a Bachelor’s in MCM. Here you receive all the requisite skills and knowledge required to acquire a position in a variety of marketing themed vocations. This list includes –

  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Marketing and Advertising specialist
  • Marketing Communication
  • Business Development
  • Advertising Agency
  • Media Planning
  • Corporate in-house and Communication Department
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Content Writing
  • Media Research

As part of the core team in a specialized division, the opportunities for growth will be greater, because you will be starting at a higher rung in the ladder to begin with. This means a clearer career path with more opportunities to learn, grow, and flourish in the field that you have chosen rather than shunting across various divisions and not getting a foothold anywhere. For all these reasons and more, a course in Marketing Communications Management makes a lot more sense for the aspiring marketer than a run-of-the-mill BBA. Here at Seamedu, we have a teaching staff of experienced professionals who have been there and done that in the marketing industry, along with world class facilities and a holistic education environment. All this together means our students have the perfect set of tools available to help mould their futures into thriving and flourishing careers awash with opportunity.

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