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May 31, 2015
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June 8, 2015

Motion Tennis

Rolocule is one of the many leading developers in the Indian game development space. And we are proud to mention that Rolocule are the knowledge partners of Seamedu school of Pro- Expressionism (Game and Animation).

 Rolocule have had great success with their racket sports based games at the iOS App Store. Apart from these games, rolocule also develops gaming related tech solutions to some extent one of them is rolomotion which allows users to use their i-phones as controllers for motion gaming on their AppleTV.

 One of their own games that used this technology was ‘Motion Tennis’. You could stream the game on to your apple TV and use your i-phone to swing the racket inside the game. Their technology was recognized by the Edison awards for innovators. Recently they also took effort and brought this tech onto the android platform. In the android version, a users mobile device uses the chromecast technology to communicate with their TV, streaming the games visual on TV and each swing is recorded by the motion sensors of the mobile device. Due to this they were mentioned in Google IO15 conference in the session about chromecast.

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 Here’s a video where you can see how this tech works Here.

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