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Paving your Own Path: Careers and Jobs in Animation

If you are looking to make a safe choice then a career in animation is not for you. But if you have chosen to break the rules, then the career and jobs in animation is just what you need to keep the artist in you alive. The animation industry is expected to by 18.5% and reach Rs. 55.9 billion by 2015. Living up to the expectations, the gaming industry is one of the most flourishing sectors in the world that is only expected to grow more. That is good news for you because it means there are more jobs out there for you to bag!

Animators have a gamut of things that they can get into the instant they get out in the job market. There are many positions available ranging from 3D modellers, character animators, motion graphics artist, texture artist, lighting artist, rigging artist, compositing artist etc. These profiles are normally spoken off. But there are other opportunities out there in the world that are cooler that one simply must keep an eye out for. And that is what we are going talk about now!

Jobs in animation that are unbelievably cool

Storyboard assistant

An internship or support role is a good way to make a start. However, if you want to take up something that will really spike your learning curve and help you get your foot into a major studio, be a storyboard assistant. In this profile, you get to provide support to the storyboard artist. You not only get to keep your sketching skills sharp but also refine them even more. Plus you gain tangible experience with industry graphics, storyboard, and editing software.


It doesn’t sound glamourous but sounds can be deceptive at times. Many historians in animation say that back in the day, the main animators in Disney would only do a few key sketches and then another animator would come in to fill in the gaps. He would decide how the characters transition and complete the scene. Not much has changed about this profile since at any of the studios. This profile is sort after by many animators as the learning and experience from it is immense!

Render wrangler

This what a lot of people are calling one of the most detailing oriented and stressful jobs in the industry. A render wrangler or a technical resource allocator is expected to keep an eye on a couple of machines and sometimes even more to keep the input and output of data in an uninterrupted flow along with initiating moves to allocate disk space. He or she is required to communicate with almost every department in the company and keep on top of things. If you have eye for detail and enjoy processes that demand their use, then this might be just the profile you should look to grow into!

Stop motion animator

Unique. Yes, that is what you will be as a stop motion animator. This profiles demands for you use models, puppets, or clay in the making of movies, commercials, and more. Do this right and your work will never be forgotten. Plus you are going to get paid to play with toys. Do you feel your inner child jump with joy yet?

Key animator

After a few years of experience as an animator, this the next stop. And this is profile that stands between your becoming a producer or a director. Getting the job done when you get this face and sticking around for a few years and make all the difference in the world.

Storyboard artist

Remember the guy with role that you had to assist as a storyboard assistant? That is the role you get to play now. You now get to take a script and piece down the main action portions which sets the guidelines that a director follows during filming. Need we say more?

Video game designer

Last but not the least, video game designer. No, we don’t think this profile needs more of a boost. I mean if you love games this profile is a slice of heaven!

And if none of this pleases you then you can always head in as an independent filmmaker. There is nothing stopping you!

All this is possible only if you make sure you get the right start and in today’s market and intense competition, the right start is picking the right animation course. A good animation course teaches you not just the software’s but also all the other elements that go into making an animation that comes alive. It gives you more than theory, it makes practical application a must and testing criteria. You should pick that one and then any job in animation industry can be yours to grab.


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