Through the Lens: Is Photography a Viable Career Option in India?
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May 12, 2016
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Through the Lens: Is Photography a Viable Career Option?

Today, words like selfie, portrait, and portfolio have become a part of youngsters’ day-to-day lives. In the last couple of decades, photography has become a popular art and technology has been the focal driver for this new craze. Today, DSLR cameras are available at low prices, thus making them available for most photography enthusiasts. Photography careers are all the rage right now and the scope for photography as a career in India is boundless.

In photography, visualization and the understanding of technology are perhaps the two most important elements.

The camera effectively becomes a mechanical ‘eye’ for the photographer, who can click pictures by using different lighting techniques, available light sources, colors, angles and make use of different lenses for giving his/her own  meaning to the pictures.

Types of Photography Careers

Photography is becoming a highly popular career option these days since it is a rewarding profession that also provides immense creative satisfaction. Fashion and glamour photography, portrait photography, industrial photography, architectural and commercial photography, and wedding photography are some examples of high-paying subsets in this field. Other specialization areas in photography include nature and wildlife photography, travel photography, etc.

Fashion Photography

A fashion photographer works in the glamour industry, shooting models, clothes and other such products to attract potential customers. Fashion photography is required for fashionable clothing companies, watches, beauty products, footwear companies, etc.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography shows a person’s emotions, moods, personality and expression. A portrait photographer uses various lighting techniques and backgrounds to enhance the tone of the photographs. There is a huge demand for qualified portrait photographers across studios and production houses to generate good photographic content for business magazines, fashion and film magazines.

Industrial photography

Industrial photography is all about taking pictures of machines, products and workers and their surroundings. While some industries and work environments may not be ‘eye-catching’ or beautiful, it’s the photographer’s job to make it look enticing.

How to become a professional photographer?

Thinking of a long-term career in photography in India after your 12th grade? As is the case with most walks of life, becoming a professional photographer requires knowledge, skill, patience, perseverance, networking, practical experience and an eye for detail.

  1. To become a successful photographer, one must have ample knowledge about the subject of photography.
  2. The best way to gain knowledge is by enrolling in a professional photography degree or diploma course from a well-known institute.
  3. Make sure you learn all the little details about photography equipment, technology and software.
  4. Knowledge about the history, theory and concepts of photography is equally important.
  5. Nothing beats practical experience, so ensure you get lots of opportunities to try out your newly acquired skill during your photography course.
  6. Talk to experts from the industry – established photographers can really enrich your outlook towards photography based on their experiences.
  7. Trial and error can bring out the best in most photographers, so don’t be afraid to experiement.
  8. If you have chosen a subset within photography as your specialization, network with people from that area of expertise and look out for potential opportunities.

There are lots of photography courses across India that equip you with the essential knowledge, techniques and skills that you need in order to take up photography as a career. Seamedu offers a specialized photography degree course in Bengaluru and Pune and also provides a Diploma in Photography.

The course at Seamedu covers all aspects of photography and the experienced faculty helps nurture a culture of creativity on campus, thus delivering a good mix of theoretical and technical knowledge to make its students ready for the real-life industry challenges.

If you think you are creative enough and can communicate your ideas in visual terms, photography can be an exciting career choice for you. Just pick up your camera and get going!

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