Pravin Yadav, Shoonya 3d at the Seamedu Game Meet 2015 - Seamedu
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Pravin Yadav, Shoonya 3d at the Seamedu Game Meet 2015

Time waits for no one and the clock never stops. 2 days to go to the Seamedu Game Meet 2015! And here is yet another reason, you shouldn’t miss it. Pravin Yadhav from Shooya is taking the third session!

About Pravin Yadhav

Pravin Yadhav took his step into the world of art but has since then moved towards more interesting challenges in the world of logic. He was an artist possessing an eloquent brush who has designed comic books, held solo exhibitions and portraits at the Bal Gandharv Art gallery. After a successful run there, he has moved on from the world of art to the ever-evolving virtual world honing his programming skills. After completing his MCM, he entered the world of 3D as modeller/animators. Since then he has done a great many things and grown much as a professional and as an individual. He then moved on to be a faculty member at symbiosis and then a Shader writer at Krayons and then a technical director at Dreamworks animation! Then he took leap that requires great courage, he went on to study further and get a PhD in computer science from the Symbiosis University.

Pravin is never in a hurry to get anywhere. He particular about the rules he picks and enjoys work that challenges him. And therefore his choice of his current role as a technical artist and programmer at Shoonya.

About Shoonya

Shoonya functions on a simple motto they believe in. Quoting them, “Immersive experiences are the key to the effectiveness of communicating information to your users. Computer games have been known to be an extremely effective medium that delivers immersive experiences – you get engaged for hours together without realizing it. Our aim is to bring the same level of immersion to your users by creating engaging experiences based around your products using the same computer games technologies.” They work with the latest technologies like Oculus Rift and many other for their various solutions.  With their services in virtual reality they help business completely integrate virtual reality in their strategy, giving businesses the power to not just show their clients but also make them feel. They also have solutions catering to the industries of health care, interior designing, heavy engineering and training. They are taking a step forward to the future and paving a path for the entire world to follow!

Seamedu & Shoonya Technologies have been associated since many years & Girish Dhakephalkar the founder of ‘Shoonya’ has been mentoring Seamedu game students , helping them understand the use of game technologies in non-game applications like Virtual Reality, Augmented reality & simulations. Dr Pravin Yadav is an old hand in the animation & game scenario & has continued to contribute to it growth.


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