Preparing for NASSCOM GDC 2014 - Seamedu
Game Design Workshop
October 17, 2014
Board Game 1 From Game Design Workshop
November 10, 2014

Preparing for NASSCOM GDC 2014

If you’ve been following us you’ll know about the dungeon based playable-prototype we’ve been working on, and now with the upcoming NGDC 2014 we plan to show our prototype to the world out over there.

We’ve been working on that for quite some time now, the game has gone a long way from where it was initially, but still not quite to the mark we planned it to be. We’ve been faced with numerous challenges and limitations along the way. We had our crew cut down to just a few people, we had or rather have some injured members, limited people with coding capabilities, some breaks exclusive to Indians (Diwali week). But again we still pushed through all of that, and are still going on. We now are seeing the prototype coming to life, with the newly added UI and also sound effects and music has started to come from the Sound dept of our college. Still there’s a lot of work to do and so little time left, we hope do our best and bring forth a good playable version to the table at NGDC.

Well I can’t be too revealing about the prototype, for obvious reasons, but I can say that this puzzles we are coming with will puzzle you, you’ll have to find your way before darkness consumes your senses.

Other than the prototype we’re also going to be displaying artwork (2D and 3D) and animations by our students and make our stall look as lively as possible.

So if you are visiting NGDC don’t forget to look for the stall of Seamedu School of Game and Animation, we look forward to entertaining you. 🙂

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